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Honorary Lifetime Alumni Board Members

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The award is given for unique and significant contribution to IPFW and/or the alumni association. It is open to alumni and friends of IPFW. Prior to 1990 the following persons were named honorary board members: Kenneth J. Balthaser, Linda S. Balthaser, Franklin A. Bryan, F. Lee Bushong, Charles H. Creasser, Jo Ann Faust, Fred R. Gideon, John Hobson, Gloria H. Huxoll, Joanne B. Lantz, Lloyd W. Smith, Robert Elliott Wise, Donna J. Worthley, and Warren W. Worthley.
After 1990, the recipients were: 1990, Arthur W. Friedel; 1991, John R. Carnaghi; 1992, H. William Davies, Jr.; 1993, Armond J. Ball; 1994, Paul E. Shaffer; 1995, William A. Black; 1996, Marian K. (Adair) Zimmerman; 1997, David C. Brennan; 1998, Don A. Wolf; 1999, David Gotlob, Steven Hollander, and Kathleen M. Rassuli; 2000, Raymond E. Pippert, Ezel Smith, and Phil Laux; 2001, C. James Owen; 2002, Carl W. Steeg; 2003, Dyne L. Pfeffenberger; 2004, Donald R. Willis.

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