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Stark, Ruthellen

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Ms. Stark created the tapestry located in the Walter E. Helmke Library entitled Seeds of Learning Beocme a Tree of Knowledge. She was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Indianapolis where she earned her B.A. and B.A.E. at the John Herron School of Art. She came to Fort Wayne in 1934 with her husband, Forrest, who was a portrait painter and instructor. She was a self-taught weaver who earned her reputation not only through memberhsip in the Weavers Guild and the Embroiderer's Guild but through exhibitions around the United States. She began as a watercolorist and later turned to weaving. She preferred tapestry. She used traditional techniques and her work ranged from realistic to allegorial to abstract. She said she always had a clear mental picture of what she hoped to attain before she began.
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