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Hispanos Unidos

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Hispanos Unidos

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This student organization was established informally in 1987 and formally in 1988. The original name for the organization was Students for Hispanic Cultural Exchange, adopting its current name in 1989. The groups goals were (1) to provide a support group and social activities for Hispanic students and other members who are interested in the Hispanic Culture; (2) to promote awareness of the many positive aspects of the Hispanic culture to IPFW and the Fort Wayne community; (3) to provide a campus forum for discussion of Hispanic issues; (4) to be a strong part of a network of local and regional groups active in addressing Hispanic issues, and in promoting an awareness of appreciation for the Hispanic culture; (5) to provide opportunities for members to use and improve their Spanish language skills. The group met biweekly and participated in activities for Hispanic Heritage Month, the Latinos Unidos Midwest Hispanic Sports Fest, and the Hispanic Leadership in Conference.
Source: Information supplied by Multicultural Services web site (4/3/01).

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