UCĀ²: University Community Conversation


2014 - The World

2013 - The Nation

2012 - The City

2011 - The Promise and Problems of Democracy

  • "Voting: A Right and a Privilege," was held on Wednesday, October 26, and Saturday, October 29. Past event details.
  • "Grief, Hope, and Unity: Remembering the Narratives of 9/11," was held on Monday, October 17. Past event details.
  • "Personal Freedoms in a Post-9/11 World," was held on Monday, September 19. Past event details. Video coverage of event on Indiana News Center's website.
  • "9/11: Reflections on Ten Turbulent Years," was held on Wednesday, September 7. Past event details.
  • "Two Voices: An Abortion Debate," with Kathryn Kolbert and Mary Hallan-FioRito, hosted by the Women's Studies Program was held on Tuesday, April 5. Past event details. 
  • "One Book, One Community: Community Multimedia Book Read of John Stuart Mill's On Liberty" was held on Wednesday, April 13. Past event details.
  • "Conflicting Understandings of Democracy: Political Polarization in Venezuela under President Chávez" with Augusto De Venanzi was held on  Thursday, March 24. Past event details.
  • IPFW Panel Discussion on "Arab Uprisings: Emerging Democracies in Egypt and Tunisia?" featuring Farah Combs, Jim Lutz, and Assem Nasr was held on Thursday, February 8. Past event details.
  • "Tragedy in Tucson: Impact on Gun Legislation and the Accessibility of Elected Officials" with Paul Helmke was held on Thursday, February 3. Past event details. Video of Event.
  • Town Hall Meeting with Speaker Brian Bosma was held on Wednesday, January 26. Past event details.

As the UC² program grows, we will continue to archive videos, slideshows, photographs, and other materials here. So please come back to revisit UC² events when you check to see what is happening next.