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Emerging Democracies?

The Egyptian flagIPFW Panel Discussion on "Arab Uprisings: Emerging Democracies in Egypt and Tunisia?"

February 8, 2011

Video of the event

The Tunisian flagCurrent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia was the focus of the third event of the University Community Conversation (UC2) program. The panel discussion was free and open to the public.

Panelists for the event were Farah Combs, instructor of Arabic in the Department of International Language and Culture Studies; Jim Lutz, professor and chair of the Department of Political Sciences; and Assem Nasr, assistant professor in the Department of Communications. The discussion was sponsored by the American Democracy Project, the IPFW Center for Women and Returning Adults, and the Communication and Media Society.

For more information, contact Andrew Downs, at 260-481-6691 or downs@ipfw.edu.

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