Staff Recognition Luncheon

Service Anniversaries

Forty Five Years 

20170 Staff-Recognition 45 yrs

Pamela Michalec 45 year Service Honoree with David Wesse, Vice Chancellor for Financial & Administrative Affairs

Forty Years

20170 Staff-Recognition 40 yrs

Cheryl Wolever 40 year Service Honoree with David Wesse, Vice Chancellor for Financial & Administrative Affairs

Thirty Five Years 

20170 Staff-Recognition 35 yrs

David Wesse with 35 year Service Honorees Dennis Shadle, May Jane Casiano, and Cynthia Elick (not pictured James Henderson) 

Thirty Years 

20170 Staff-Recognition 30 yrs

David Wesse with 30 year Service Honorees Valerie Null and Barbara Lloyd (not pictured William Baden)

Twenty Five Years

20170 Staff-Recognition 25 yrs

David Wesse with 25 year Service Honorees Paul Houser, Rhonda Merriwether, and Caroline Ward (not pictured Alison Paul)

Twenty Years

20170 Staff-Recognition 20 yrs

David Wesse with 20 year Service Honorees Laura Zeigler, Clarence Tennis, Julia Smith, Rochelle Ehle, Juanita Derrick, and James Beard (not pictured Andrew Cottrell, Greg Justice, Barry Kammeyer, and Michael Pressler) 

Fifteen Years 

20170 Staff-Recognition 15 yrs

David Wesse with 15 year Service Honorees Kathleen Whitcraft, Marcia Tuttle, Alison Rynearson, Alice Rice, Teresa Goodwin, Sarah Didier, and Susan Alderman (not pictured Barbara Biedermann and Bradley Dellinger) 

Ten Years 

20170 Staff-Recognition 10 yrs

David Wesse with 10 year honorees (back row) April Martinez, Maggie Hunter, Nasir Gill, Kenton Fackler, Craig Campbell, Randi Boyd, Joanne Blosser, Michael Berkshire, Ronnie Sarno, and John Sheets (front row) Sandra Colpean, Cynthia Firestine, Corrie Fox, Maria Norman, Diana Weber, Paula Rice, Jennifer Mattmuller (not pictured Jody Cartwright, Danita Lehmann, Joseph Johnson, Shelley Johnson, Benjamin Neuhaus, Tina Ostermeyer, John Sheets, and Sara Simpson)

Five Years 

2017 Staff-Recognition 5 yrs

David Wesse with 5 year Service Honorees (back row) Kristine Frye, Nicholas Gray, Christine Marcuccilli, Ashley Malone, Julie Miller, Crystal Milton, Terry Miller, and Frank Rosales (front row) Christian Piepenbrink, Wendy Wilson, Jayne Schele, Philistine Sharp, and Monty Stratton (not pictured Brian Adams, Benjamin Aeschliman, Amanda Barcus, Paul Chapman, Ryan Fahlsing, Jason Habisch, Melinda Haines, David Herbst, Tony Peterson, Anthony Sprague, and Amanda Tallman) 

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