The Resource Center

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Resource Center at IPFW is to provide an educational, supportive, accepting, and inclusive environment for LGBTQ students through support services and educational efforts designed to reduce heterosexism, genderism, and homophobia. The Resource Center desires to create a campus climate where all community members are encouraged to promote and defend diversity.

At IPFW, we are committed to the success of students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning. In order to provide LGBTQ students with educational and social support, we have established and developed the LGBTQ Resource Center. Awareness and education are essential to creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ students. In order to achieve our goals, we will be providing educational programming, support, resources, and referral services to the campus and community.


  • Provide support services to LGBTQ students in an educational, accepting, and inclusive manner
  • To provide educational resources that address matters relevant to LGBTQ issues
  • Reduce genderism, homophobia, and heterosexism at IPFW
  • Create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance for all members of our community, inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity


The Resource Center supports and empowers student and campus organizations to provide a safe and confidential venue for students to discuss issues important to them. We offer educational services and programs to address sexism, genderism, heterosexism and homophobia by providing assistance to student organizations and academic units regarding programming ideas, which may include bringing training workshops and speakers to campus,

By serving as a liaison to the university administration and the LGBTQ community, the Resource Center is able to review and respond to policy issues that impact the community. We provide consultation to faculty and staff on LGBTQ student and community issues and assist LGBTQ students in addressing personal and academic concerns.

Through leadership and collaboration on campus-wide educational programs and training about gender identity and sexual orientation issues, in accordance with our mission statement and IPFW's commitment to diversity, we provide an essential service to our students, faculty, staff, and community.