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Below are 10 featured lessons from Defined STEM's library of over 1,000 STEM career based video lessons. To find out about subscriptions to all of Defined STEM's resources click here. For a preview of all of our STEM lessons click here.

The Mathematics of a Skateboard's "Pop"

Students will explore how skateboard designers can measure for "pop," a term used to describe a board's return energy.

Mathematics and Drumming

Students will explore the role of mathematics as it relates to the playing of drums.

Estimation and Bat Caves

Students will use the video on bats to work with estimation skills.

Lunar Gravity and Mathematics

Students will use mathematics to explore the difference between the force of gravity on the moon versus other objects in the solar system.

The Design of Zoo Habitats

Students will examine the design of zoo compound habitats.

The Science of Superconductors and Maglev Trains

Students will explore the properties of superconductors and how they can be used to run maglev trains.

Math Involved in Testing Bicycle Wheels

Students will examine the mathematics involved in using the "bump machine" to test bicycle wheels.

Comparing Interior and Exterior Architecture

Students will compare and contrast the differences between the architecture of building and landscape architecture.

Economics and Space Architecture

Students will explore how economics impacts the field of space architecture.

Designing the Airboat for its Environment

Students will investigate how the the features of the airboat are designed to help it navigate its unique environment.