NISTEM Education Resource Center

NISTEM Express

The NISTEM Express Program allows educators of grades K-12 to introduce their students to equipment and procedures that are used in higher education and STEM industries through hands-on labs and demonstrations.

Equipment available includes Spec 20’s, pH meters, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Water Testing Kits, Electrophoresis, and Nuclear Scalars. Labs range from demystifying equipment and procedures to advanced exploration of specific topics and processes.

There are a few ways to take advantage of NISTEM Express’ resources; educators can borrow equipment for two weeks, or schedule a lab to be administered by a NISTEM instructor.

Type of ProgramTimeCost
Equipment Loan 2 Weeks $150
Administered Lab 1 Class Period $175
Administered Lab and Equipment 1 Class Period and 2 Weeks $250

NISTEM also has Discovery Box Kits available for lending, a complete list is available here.

NISTEM Express is here to help educators increase their students’ familiarity with processes and concepts common to higher education and STEM industries.

NISTEM Express is a new and growing program, for the most recent information or to book a delivery or lab, call 260.424.2400 x417