Action Items

Make an inventory of references to your email address.  Once we are able to use @pfw* email addresses, you can use this as a checklist of things to update.

  • For both your email address and any shared mailboxes you maintain, start a list of all external services (LinkedIn, Facebook) that reference your IPFW email address(es).  For any services that are not related to university business, consider changing the email address to a personal email address.  You could do this now and it would be one less thing to worry about when our email addresses change.
  • If you are using your IPFW email address as a point of contact for departmental business such as billing, social media accounts, or on your web site or promotional materials, consider getting a shared mailbox instead of using your own email address.  This assists with business continuity as roles change within the university.
  • Make a list of all external partners you correspond with, especially ones that are not in your contacts.  Once our new email addresses go into effect, you can email them all with your new address.

*Pending HLC approval