Homecoming Apparel

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Department Decorating Contest

Open to all university departments and offices!

Show your IPFW Spirit by decorating your department's walkways, windows, walls, and doors! Dress the place up with a tribute to this year's Homecoming theme "Color Me Don", IPFW itself, our blue and white colors, and the Men's and Women's Basketball and Men's Volleyball teams that will be playing on Homecoming's Saturday. Let's paint the campus Blue and White!

Department registration is now open!
Final registrations must be submited by Friday, February 12 through the qualtrics form provided above.

Entries compete in one of two divisions based on the size of your department: LARGE - 15 or more or SMALL - less than 15.
*go by the total number of employees in the department, not just the ones that decorated*

For an information letter, click here


Decoration Criteria
Department (or department team) decorations will be judged in several categories:

  • Use of the Homecoming theme "Color Me Don" (50 points)
  • Use of the Mastodon and university logos (50 points)
  • Use of basketball and volleyball (25 points)
  • The use of the men's basketball and men's volleyball players and coaches, and the     team's playing opponents on Homecoming's Saturday game (25 points) 

Judges will visit departmental areas on Wednesday, February 17 to determine the winner based on the decorating criteria above. The winning department will be announced on Saturday, February 20 at the 5 p.m. Celebration in the Gates Fieldhouse before the Men's Basketball game. *A representative from your department will need to be present during the Celebration's program to accept the Department Decorating Contest award if your department wins.*

Free Homecoming T-Shirts
Ten free Homecoming t-shirts will be provided to employees that helped decorate their department. Request the free t-shirts on the registration qualtrics form above.
Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $5 each at the IPSGA office.

Discounted Game Tickets
We are also offering discounted tickets to the Men’s Volleyball vs. Loyola game and the Men’s Basketball vs. Omaha game for just $3 a ticket!
Click here for information on how to purchase game tickets.

Downloadable Artwork:


HOMECOMING-Instagram-Feed-Post-Graphic-640x640-DIGITALTusky Logo

Former Winning Departments:

  • 2016 - Large Group
  • 2016 Campus Safety - Small Group
  • 2015 Student Housing - Large Group 
  • 2015 Campus Safety - Small Group
  • 2013 ITS - Large Group
  • 2013 Campus Safety - Small Group
  • 2012 Mastodon Advising Center - Large Group
  • 2012 Education - Small Group
  • 2011 ITS - Large Group
  • 2011 Education - Small Group
  • 2010 Education - Small Group
  • 2010 Continuing Studies - Large Group
  • 2009 Nursing - Small Group
  • 2009 ITS - Large Group 
  • 2008 Student Housing - Small Group
  • 2008 Nursing - Large Group
  • 2007 Mastodon Advising Center - Small Group
  • 2007 URC Publications - Large Group

For any questions on the Deparmtent Decorating Contest, please contact McKenna Thomas in Alumni Relations at thomasmk@ipfw.edu or 260-481-0243.


Student Orgs. - Spirit Sheet Sign Contest

Open to all officially recognized student organizations

Your student organization can earn big bucks by participating in the Spirit Sheet Sign Contest. The top three Spirit Sheets earn prize money for your student organization.

To register for the contest and receive your ready-to-decorate sheet, contact James Velez in the Student Life and Leadership Office, Room 210.

Decorate your sheet to promote your organization, IPFW School Spirit, and this year's Homecoming theme, "Color Me Don"

Decorating supplies are available to you courtesy of IPSGA/SAB and Student Life and Leadership and may be checked out. Student organizations will present their sheets at the Pre-game Reception on Saturday at the Gates Center Fieldhouse and the winners will be announced at the game.

Guidelines for Sheet Signs:

  • Sheets must not contain any graphic images, offensive language, or glitter. If sheets contain any of the above, they will be automatically disqualified.
  • If you are in the top three, two representatives from your student organization must be present at the Homecoming Celebration (2/20 @ 5:30pm at the Gates Fieldhouse) in order to display your sheet/sign and winners will be announced at halftime.
  • Sheets will be judged by the following categories with up to 10 points for each, total of 40 points possible.
    i. Representation of Student Organization
    ii. Representation of IPFW logo and mascot
    iii. Use of Homecoming Theme “Color Me Don”
    iv. Overall Creativity
  • First place = $300, second place = $200, third place = $100
  • Homecoming theme is “Color Me Don”
  • Glitter, confetti, sand, or any other materials that may fall or drip from sheets is prohibited.
  • If utilizing university space and supplies make sure the SORC (Walb 214) in Walb Union is available before you decorate, we will have a sign-up sheet available.
  • Please cover all tables/floor BEFORE any painting is done.
  • Supplies cannot leave the SORC at any time and all brushes must be washed out and paints put away.
  • You may use your own supplies and decorate off campus at your leisure.
  • The name of your student organization must be on the sheet somewhere.
  • Organizations are responsible for their sheet/sign during the drying phase and they MUST be completely dry before they are turned in.
  • The deadline to submit your sheet is Monday, February 8th by 5:00pm in the Student Life and Leadership Office, WU210. If possible, late submissions will be accepted but will be docked 5 points.
  • Sheets will be hung in Gates Sports Center February 9th and will be judged during Homecoming Week.
  • Only one sheet will be given to each requesting organization. Adding or use of additional sheets other than the one provided will result in immediate disqualification.
  • You are not allowed to use decorated sheets from previous years of Homecoming.


  • November 23, 2015 - Sheets will be available for Student Orgs to pick up.
  • November 23, 2015 - February 8, 2016 Space available in the SORC for decorating
  • February 8, 2016 Sheets are due for judging by 5:00 p.m.
  • Winners announced at the tailgate party on Saturday, February 20, 2016

For any questions on the Student Org. Spirit Sheet Contest Signs, please contact James Velez at 260-481-6337 or via email velejt01@ipfw.edu