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Current Diplomats

20170503-Newman-Robin-JW-002Almegbah-Jaber (1)Davenport-Amber

  Robin Newman, ED.M.                                  Jaber Almegbah, Coordinator                  Amber Davenport, Events Coordinator
  Associate Dean of Students                           Electrical Engineering                                     Pre-Nursing


Ephy Koundo                                                     Seal Dao                                                          Bianca Barcenas
Information Systems                                         Accounting and Finance                            Business Management

Nguyen-Chloe-ThuyCarvalho-HelenaEseosa Igbinijesu

Chole Nguyen                                                   Helena Carvalho-Schmidt                          Eseosa Igbinijesu
Civil Engineering                                               English and Communications                      Accounting