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Color Stomp

Color Stomp

We are bringing color to IPFW.  IPFW Intramurals, IPSGA, STAT and IPFW Alumni are bringing the Color Stomp to campus.


What is the Color Stomp?
You've heard of the colorful runs that happened this summer, right? Well here's your last chance of the year to join in the fun and bomb your friends with color!

Get plastered with color as you run through the IPFW campus as you run/walk the 4K course. It'll end with color madness as all participants release their furry at the color throwing ceremony, dance with DJ Ayrk, and more!

How much does it cost?
Registration will cost $3 for each participant

I'm poor. Can I just not pay the fee?
YES! You can! Donations for the ACSPCA will be accepted as full payment into the event! Check out the list of acceptable donations on http://www.acspca.org/. Just click the 'wish list' on the right hand side of the screen

What do I get?
After registration you'll receive a FREE white Color Stomp t-shirt to race in and plaster with red, green, blue and purple colors! At the end of the race you will get a color pack and a FREE Color Stomp towel to, of course, color to your hearts content.

Who is invited to attend?
All IPFW students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to join in the festivities as well as Ivy Tech students.
When is it?
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
5:30pm ~ Check-in
6:00pm ~ Dance/Warm-up
6:30pm ~ Start of race

The race will begin on the Intramural Football Field (Near P2).