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Honors Program

Honors Program

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Honors Students can register starting October 27! Click here to view the Spring 2015 Honors Courses available!


Designed for students who want to get the most of their college education, the IPFW Honors Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program open to students of any major. Participation is voluntary, and students can begin the program at any point in their college career. Completion of the program requirements merits the reception of a certificate and a medal engraved with the student’s name, the only medal that is currently bestowed at the graduation ceremony.

The program is designed for motivated students who want to make the most of their higher education through an enriched academic experience. If you want to see what the Honors Program can offer you, check out our website or contact us

We look forward to your success!






The Fall 2014 Honors Showcase will be on

Friday, December 5 at 3:00 PM

in the Honors Center.

The following Honors students are presenting:

Alexander Allison (History)
Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS)
Tyler Davis (German)

Please RSVP by clicking this link.




The Spring 2015 Honors Showcase will be held on Friday, April 10th.