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Military Scholarships

Here is a list of just a few of the grants and scholarships available to military personnel, veterans, spouses and children:

SSACI Indiana National Guard Supplemental Grant

A grant that guarantees up to 100% of certain tuition costs will be met by the State of Indiana for eligible members of the Indiana Air and Army National Guard. The National Guard Supplemental Grant (NGSG) covers only certain tuition charges and does not cover other expenses such as room and board and textbooks.

To be eligible an applicant must be certified by both SSACI and the Indiana National Guard. It can be used only in the fall and spring semesters and not summer school.

You must file a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year.

National Guard Eligibility:

  • A student must be certified by the Indiana National Guard (ING). This means starting at the unit command level and then proceeding to the headquarters or airbase education offices for final approval before the start of classes.
  • Certification must be done for each term of enrollment.
  • The student must be in active drilling status. The unit commander is the sole determiner of this status. This applies to each academic term.
  • The student cannot have been AWOL at any time during the 12 months prior to their enrollment in college for any academic term. The unit commander is the sole determiner of this status. This applies to each academic term.
  • The student must complete all the required ING paperwork and must have all the paperwork approved by the appropriate ING education office before the start of classes.
  • This applies to each academic term. Forms and process differ by ING branch, Air and Army. Students should contact their unit commander for details.
  • The student's name and other pertinent data as required by SSACI must be on an official list submitted to SSACI by the appropriate Air or Army education offices of the ING, usually before classes start each term the student is enrolled.

The Indiana National Guard reserves the right, in cooperation with SSACI, to revoke for cause the NGSG at any time.

If there are questions about Indiana National Guard eligibility and certification, the student should start with their unit commander.

If the questions are about SSACI eligibility or tuition charges or financial aid in general, the student should go to the Financial Aid office of the school they plan to attend or contact SSACI.

State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana

150 W. Market Street, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-232-2350

National Guard Extension Scholarship

There is a limited scholarship, called the National Guard Extension Scholarship, that is available to former Guard members who left the Guard under honorable discharge conditions, used the NGSG in the past, and who served on active duty overseas since Sept. 10, 2001. 

Download the application

Former Guardsman who believe they might qualify for this program and want additional information should contact:

Indiana Army National Guard Education Services Office, JFHQ-IN-J1-ARP-ES,
9301 East 59th Street
Lawrence, IN 46216
call (317) 964-7023

Child of a Veteran or Public Safety Officer (CVO)

Child of a Veteran or Public Safety Officer (CVO) is a grant from the State of Indiana that will pay tuition and may pay mandatory fees. This will not cover your books! Things to keep in mind regarding this award include:

  • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be on file with the school you are attending
  • If you were selected for verification or have any other outstanding packaging requirements, you will not be awarded the CVO until these requirements are completed.
  • CVO will pay as little as 1 credit hour a semester
  • You have 124 credit hours in which CVO may be applied.
  • CVO may apply to undergraduate as well as graduate courses
  • You must complete an IPFW Supplemental Grant Request form with our office each academic year to receive the CVO award; we will not automatically set up CVO each year.
  • If you sit out of school for an academic year or more, you will need to complete a new State Certification document.
  • We must have the original, embossed State Certification document for your file.

AUSA Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter Scholarship - Operation Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom soldier's children, soldiers, veterans, and spouses.  

Marine Corps Scholarships - for children whose parent(s) are participating in, or have participated in peration Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom. 

AmVets Scholarship for veterans who demonstrate financial need. Deadline is April 15 for the coming school year. 

AmVets Scholarship for high school seniors entering their first year of college. Deadline is April 15 for the coming school year.

AmVets Scholarship for veterans who are seeking new skills to be more competitive in the job market. Deadline is April 15 for the coming school year.

The Army Scholarship Foundation - for spouses and children. Deadline is May 1st.

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund - For dependent children of US Military personnel who have been killed or permanently disabled in service.

VA Mortgage Center Scholarships - For active duty personnel, veterans, children and spouses. Awarded each year in May and November.

American Patriot Freedom Scholarship Award - for dependent children of active duty, disabled and/or retired service members.

Navy-Marine Corps Aid Society - Grants and loans for Navy and Marine Corps personnel, spouses and children

Army Emergency Relief Scholarship - Stateside Spouse Education Assistance. Deadline is March 1.

Army Emergency Relief Scholarship - Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for dependent children.

Air Force Aid Society - For children and spouses of active or retired Air Force personnel.

Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship - for spouses of active duty or honorably discharged military personnel.

Scholarship for military children - for dependent children under the age of 23.