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Psychology Scholarships

The scholarships listed here are administered by IPFW.  

Research Scholarship for Psychology Majors

This scholarship is intended for degree-seeking students who will be carrying out an original research project. The project should be one for which the student has primary responsibility; this scholarship is not intended for students working as assistants on a faculty research project. Summaries of existing research literature will not qualify for this grant.

This grant provides funds to cover the cost of resident credit enrollment in PSY 496, PSY 498, PSY 499, or PSY 590, for the purpose of engaging in a student research project in psychology. It is necessary to have a faculty member sponsor these classes, and that faculty member must also sponsor the student's grant application. Applications will not be accepted without the faculty member's signature.

The research project may involve an empirical study (that is, the collection and analysis of data) or a synthesis of existing research literature in the field, but in either case it must make a significant contribution to our understanding of some aspect of psychology. It is recognized that the idea might originate with a faculty member, but the student should be intimately involved in the design and conduct of the study.

Proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Does this project contribute to our knowledge of psychology?
  • Is the proposed methodology sound?
  • Can the project be accomplished in the proposed time frame?
  • Are the necessary facilities available for the project?
  • How will the project enhance the educational and career goals of the applicant?

Students will have an opportunity to present their results to Psychology faculty and other students at a meeting to be held near the end of the Spring Semester. The final reports of all projects, as well as the grant proposals, will be placed on file in the Murphy Reading Room.

Only projects judged to be deserving shall be funded. If there are more deserving projects than can be funded, then the projects will be rank ordered, and the highest ranking projects will be funded until the money has been exhausted. Students may receive up to two semesters of support, but priority shall be given to new applications of similar merit.

Click here for an application form for the scholarship. The completed form should be turned in to the secretary of the Psychology Department. The due date will vary from semester to semester, but will generally be in late November or early April. The Educational Policy Committee of the Psychology Department oversees these grants. The name of the faculty member handling the scholarships can be obtained from the Psychology Department should you wish further assistance.

Students will be informed about the committee's actions. Should a student project not be funded, the student may rewrite it and submit it the following semester.


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