Paying for College

Senior Citizen Fee Remission

The Senior Citizen Fee Remission program is available to Indiana residents age 60 or over.  You must be retired and/or not employed full time and a high school graduate (or a GED recipient).

The waiver is equal to one-half resident tuition to a maximum of 9 credits per semester.

This program is available only during the week prior to the start of classes and also during late registration.

Download and submit a Senior Citizen Fee Remission application, or visit the IPFW Financial Aid Office in Kettler Hall 102.

If you have questions about this program, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

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Changes to Child of a Disabled Veteran (CVO) Program

Students who will receive CVO next year must be aware of recent changes made by the state of Indiana.  Visit the state of Indiana's website to read more!