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Enrollment Agreements

IPFW has several programs for students interested in the opportunity to study at another school and earn credits toward a degree at IPFW. This is accomplished with a Consortium Agreement. 

A Consortium Agreement is a contract between IPFW and the school you wish to attend to make sure your financial aid pays out correctly and covers your costs at the other school. 

There are several types of Consortium Agreements. Some are for studying at a local college, like the Crossroads Program at Ivy Tech. You can also choose to study at another school in Fort Wayne, or even in another country.

Crossroads Program

The Crossroads partnership is designed to allow students the opportunity to begin their college degree at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana-Northeast and complete it across the road at IPFW. 

Students using financial aid to assist with their educational costs must complete a consortium agreement. This allows the separate credit hours taken at IPFW and Ivy Tech to be combined into a total credit hour enrollment status for financial aid funding.

IPFW students in the Crossroads program can contact the IPFW Financial Aid office at 260-481-6820 for information on financial aid eligibility for this program and to initiate the consortium agreement process. Students can also contact Ivy Tech's Crossroads program.

The consortium agreement must be processed by the end of the first week of the enrollment period (semester or summer session) for which it has been requested to be used. Consortium agreements will not be processed after the first week of the enrollment period.


Fort Wayne Higher Education Consortium

The Fort Wayne Higher Education Consortium allows IPFW students to enroll in one course per fall or spring semester at another participating institution if a course is closed at the end of final registration or is not offered during the current semester at IPFW. Applicable courses must be verified by your academic adviser. The course will count as either a Purdue University or Indiana University course on your final transcript, depending on your major.

Universities participating in the consortium, in addition to IPFW are:

  • Huntington University
  • Indiana Institute of Technology
  • Ivy Tech Community College - Fort Wayne
  • Manchester College
  • Taylor University - Fort Wayne
  • Tri-State University
  • University of Saint Francis

More information is available through the IPFW Office of the Registrar.

IPFW Financial Aid office (FAO) General Consortium Agreement

This form and process is only required if you receive financial aid at IPFW (the home institution) and find you need to take a class at another institution (the host institution). 

At times, IPFW students find that a course is not available at IPFW that would be beneficial to their degree program or that a required course is being offered at another institution that, if taken, will expedite the completion of their IPFW program of study.

If you are in this situation, then you may be eligible to complete a consortium agreement which will allow your course at another institution to be included into the total credit hours enrolled for financial aid funding. This would make your total enrollment status reflect full-time at IPFW for that specific enrollment period.

Your academic advisor must be involved in this process and approve the course being taken for your program of study.

Students are encouraged to start the consortium agreement process about two months prior to the start of the enrollment period by contacting the IPFW Financial Aid office.

All consortium agreement forms must be completed and returned to the Financial Aid office no later than the first week of the enrollment period.

The Financial Aid office will process financial aid based on an approved consortium agreement for IPFW students admitted as "temporary" or "non-degree" status at the host institution. The following criteria must be met: 

    1. The student's academic advisor, academic dean, or other authorized official will certify that the course(s) taken at the host campus will apply to the student's IPFW degree on the consortium agreement.

    1. The start and end date of the class at the host institution must be the same or within the enrollment period at IPFW.

    1. Student must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours during the same enrollment period at IPFW for the academic year or 3 credit hours during the summer enrollment period (over summer sessions I & II). A student completing their teaching requirements in a special program is exempt from this requirement.

    1. Course work transferred from the host school for this agreement must be a C or better grade and be accepted into your academic program at IPFW.

    1. IPFW Satisfactory Academic Progress policy is applied to course work enrolled for during the consortium period and the student must be in good standing under the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements to participate in the program.

Study Abroad Consortium Agreements

IPFW encourages students to explore the opportunities to expand their college education and gain a better understanding of other cultural settings through a Study Abroad program. 

There are a few programs offered directly through IPFW and an excellent variety offered through our affiliated schools, Indiana University or Purdue University.

You can attend a Study Abroad Information Session to learn more about available programs. Call 260-481-6494 for more information.

The Study Abroad Consortium Agreement process should be started early. It is strongly recommended that you start the process about four months prior to the start of the Study Abroad enrollment period.

All consortium agreement forms should be completed and returned to the Financial Aid office no later than one month before the program start date.

Release of financial aid funds for the enrollment period follows the same schedule established for all aid disbursement at IPFW. Advanced deposits required by the Study Abroad program must be paid by the student or, if possible, the student may explore the possibility of having the future financial aid disbursement cover the required deposit with the specific Study Abroad program's administrator.

Please make an appointment with the IPFW Financial Aid office, 260-481-6820, to go over your options.

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