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Exterior Campus Signage


To: All Faculty and Staff

From: Walter J. Branson

Date: October 24, 2012

Subject: Exterior Campus Signage

One of the goals of the new campus wayfinding signage system was to eliminate individual directional exterior signage in order to ensure the safety and attractiveness of our campus.

Since the wayfinding project is now complete, effective November 1, exterior directional campus signage, including and promotional signage affixed to exterior structures (e.g. lamp posts, sidewalks, etc.) stake signs and or/sandwich boards, will no longer be permitted. The exceptions to this policy will be SOAR, Campus Visit Day and College Goal Sunday.

Please consider alternative methods for communicating directional information such as using campus maps.

Your cooperation in this change is appreciated.

Please bookmark ipfw.edu/external-signage for future reference.

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