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The Designations List: Where Campus Goes for Names

It’s tough keeping up with the changes on campus—especially when it comes to names. Departments, programs, offices, and even buildings get new names when you least expect it. How do you make sure your materials contain the right information?

Meet the Designations List

That’s where the Designations List comes in—your cheat sheet for the official names of everything on campus.

From buildings to bridges, schools to centers, and landmarks to locales, they’re all included. The list even includes campus roads, affiliates, and named programs. If it’s on campus and it has a name, then it has an entry on the Designations List.

Getting the Latest List

You can download the newest Designations List directly from the university’s website. It comes as a PDF file, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

Changing Something on the List

If something needs to be added, removed, or simply updated, let Marketing Communications know by completing the online Designations List Change Request Form.

The form gathers some basic information about you (since you’re asking for the change) and the details about the change you want to make. It also asks if your vice chancellor approved the change and if you checked the policy rules about what gets onto the Designations List.

After you submit the form, Marketing Communications verifies the name change details and all of the approvals, which normally takes three business days. Once the change survives its trip through confirmation process, the Designations List gets updated.

Managing All the Names

Marketing Communications maintains the list. As changes happen, the staff also works with the appropriate vice chancellor to verify, approve, and update the list with the latest information.


If you need more information, email Marketing Communications at We’re happy to help.