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2017 IPFW Summer STEM Explorations

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Choose your path and take multiple camps to expand your STEM skills!

College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science (ETCS) Explorations (the first 5)
The registration form that can be used for the first 5 camps can be accessed here: REGISTRATION FORM FOR ETCS CAMPS

For registration questions call 481-4145 and for general questions about the camps call 481-6905

Students in financial need may apply for one of a limited number of partial scholarships available. Students will need to complete an application with a short paragraph about why they would like to join a camp. Contact the ETCS Outreach registration number for information.


Computer Science ExplorationNEW Focus for ACT: Adventures in Computing for Teens CLOSED
Offered by: IPFW Department of Computer Science
Dates: July 10-14    Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM     Age: 8th - 12th grade      Fee: $90

Every day more Apps are created for our use. Could you create one yourself? Explore the world of App Inventor created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The software uses a process that “transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks“ ( Experience the computer science design process; learn strategies, exercise logic and creative skills all at the same time. Meet other students with similar interests and learn more about careers in computer science.

Engineering Robotics Exploration: Swarm Bots! CLOSED
Offered by: IPFW Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dates: June 19-23      Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM     Age: 8th -12th grade     Fee: $90

Robot teams explore the concept of “swarm robotics”. Learn to master the skill of achieving a robotic task with more than one robot; multiple types of robots all moving at the same time. Collaborate with participants to construct, program, and strategize with your robots to beat the other teams by using BOTH VEX or EV3 parts/software for robot design. Participants will expand their knowledge of robotics and increase technology skills. Guided by a professional engineer from the community and an IPFW faculty member in electrical and computer engineering, students also learn the “lingo” of Tech Talk and hear about engineering careers.


Engineering/Technology Exploration: Raspberry Pi Summer Camp CLOSED
Offered by: IPFW Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with an IEEE sponsorship
Dates: June 26-30      Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM     Age: 7th-9th grade           Fee: $90                

The Raspberry Pi is a fully-functional, credit-card sized computer, used around the world to teach the fundamentals of Computer Programming. Learn the various hardware and software components of the Raspberry Pi by programming anything you want! Scratch programming, Linux Operating System, Python language, Raspberry PI I/O interface and control, etc. will be introduced to participants by IPFW Electrical and Computer Engineering/Technology faculty as they use a Raspberry Pi kit to complete a project.


NEW! Girls STEM Leadership Exploration: GIRLS: Transform Our Future
Offered by: IPFW College of ETCS in collaboration with IPFW Office of ODMA
Dates: June 26-30      Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM     Age: 8th-11th grade           Fee: $90                
Scholarships available; see ETCS STEM Exploration webpage for scholarship application

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Imagine a city where GIRLS make a difference! They will imagine, design, collaborate, and construct their vision of an innovative futuristic city on a week-long team project. They will hear female IPFW engineering students tell their stories and will meet female STEM professionals who impact our community. They will expand skills for future leadership as they explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects to find out what is possible, how to get there, and how to make a difference. They will network and have fun with other girls! The camp is led by experienced FWCS teachers and incorporates daily contact with either university students or community volunteers.


Machine Technology Exploration 1 and 2 NEW Explorations
Offered by ETCS Technology Staff; sponsored by HAAS
Dates: MTE 1: June 19-23 and MTE 2: June 26-30     Age: 9th-12th grade    
Time: 8:30 AM-12:30PM
Registration Fee without scholarship: $75; Application Fee for a scholarship: $20 *

*This is a HAAS grant program with a limited number of scholarships offered to students through an application and selection process. Those with a scholarship will pay a $20 fee when confirming their scholarship acceptance. Participants without a scholarship pay a $75 registration fee.  Anyone may apply; one scholarship per person. Applicants will be asked to write a paragraph describing their reasons for applying to the camp.

Sign up for one or both! MTE 2 requires basic machine experience. For questions about eligibility for MTE 2 contact Jason Moyer at 481-6379

MTE 1: Explore the basics in machining through hands on applications and the creation of your own project. Learn basic measuring and part layout; operate a metal lathe and a milling machine to make your parts take shape. Watch your materials transform into something with a purpose in a short period of time. This is a “hands on” workshop giving you access to multiple tools in the ETCS shop; some that you may not get to normally use. Build your basic project with guidance from machining experts and let the chips fly!

MTE 2: CANCELLED - If you have some experience with machine tools and want to learn about advanced machines or to consider a career in modern machining, then this workshop will achieve that by opening up the world of CNC machining. Expand your basic knowledge of metal working machines and learn some of the basics to CNC code. You can experience hands-on time with the CNC machines learning machine operation as you are guided by experienced staff on a basic program using the ETCS machine simulators.  Haas Automation, Inc. provides IPFW with the ability to be on the forefront of machine technology by providing real production machinery for your learning experience.


Physics Exploration: Math and Science Camp and Physics Research Camp
Offered by: IPFW Department of Physics
Camp and Registration info at:
For Questions Call: 481-6306