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2015 STEM Explorations

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Computer Science Exploration - ACT: Adventures in Computing for Teens
Offered By: Department of Computer Science
Dates: July 6-10; Time: 8:30 AM - 12:30PM
Registration info at: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Age: 8th - 12th grade students; Fee: $90

Participants will create 3D movies and video games using Alice software. They will see interactive illustrations of computing principles, learn object-oriented programming, and discover computing careers. Participants will showcase their animations to family and friends at the conclusion of their Exploration. For questions call ETCS Outreach Office 260-481-6905.

Engineering Robotics Exploration - Battle of the Bots
Offered By: Department of Engineering
Dates: June 22-26; Time: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Registration info at: CLOSED
Age: 8th - 12th grade students; Fee: $90

Robot teams will face off in an Olympic-style competition at the conclusion of the week. Participants explore principals of engineering for building a robust, durable, and innovative robot. They team up and use a choice of VEX or EV3 parts/software for robot design and collaborate on strategies to earn points in the concluding robot competition. Guided by a professional engineer and IPFW faculty in electrical and computer engineering, students expand programming knowledge, gain technical skills, learn the “lingo” of Tech Talk, and hear about engineering careers as teams face off to win the Battle of the Bots! Questions: ETCS Outreach Office 260-481-6905

Engineering/Technology Exploration - Raspberry Pi Summer Camp
Offered by: IPFW ETCS College and IEEE Region 4
Dates: June 29-July 2; Time: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Application info at: Applications CLOSED
Age: 7th - 9th grade students; Registration Fee without scholarship: $75, Application Fee for a scholarship: $20*

*This is an IEEE grant program with a limited number of scholarships offered to students through an application and selection process. Those with a scholarship will pay a $20 fee when confirming their scholarship acceptance. Participants without a scholarship pay a $75 registration fee. Anyone may apply for a scholarship. Applicants will be asked to write paragraph describing their reasons for applying to the camp. Precedence for scholarships will be given to students who have registered and paid for the Computer Science or Robotic Engineering Exploration OR are IPFW Sci-TEC Academy members OR are students with financial need.

The Raspberry Pi is a fully-functional, credit-card sized computer, being used around the world to teach kids and adults the fundamentals of Computer Programming. Participants will learn about the various hardware and software components of the Raspberry Pi by programming they want! Scratch programming, Linux Operating System, Python language, Raspberry PI I/O interface and control, etc. will be introduced to students by IPFW Electrical and Computer Engineering/Technology faculty members. Participants will receive a free Raspberry Pi kit ($60 value) at the conclusion of the camp from a generous IEEE Region 4 PACE grant (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers); Registration/scholarship questions: ETCS Outreach Office 260-481-6905

Math and Science Exploration - IPFW Math and Science Camp
Offered by: Department of Physics
Dates: July 20 - 23; Time: To Be Announced
Camp and Registration info at:
Age: 11-13 year old students; Fee: $125

Participants engage in hands-on science and minds-on problem solving with a variety of activities. Past examples have been hot air balloons, buoyancy investigations, robots, column strength, chemistry and optics. They will solve logic puzzles, create mathematical games, and investigate the stock market all while having fun! Camp sessions are led by university professors, high school and middle school teachers. Maximum enrollment is 27 students. For questions contact Barbara Biedermann 260-481-6306.

Physics Exploration
Offered by: Department of Physics
Dates: July 6-9; Time: To Be Announced
Camp and Registration information:
Age: 14-16 year old students; Fee: $75

Physics camp gives campers a chance to experience a variety of topics in experimental physics. Each day they will learn about and perform experiments related to Astronomy, LASER Physics, Quantum Optics and Surface Science (nanotech). They will work in the research laboratories with the faculty scientists and senior physics majors in the IPFW Physics Department. For questions contact Barbara Biedermann 260-481-6306.