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Electronic Message Board Policy and Submission Form


    • The ETCS electronic message board is for ETCS organizations.
    • Priority will be to announcements that serve ETCS students, faculty, and staff. ETCS student organizations, departmental or division announcements, and sponsored events (e.g. seminars, colloquiums, open houses) are expected to be the principal contents of the electronic message board.
    • Announcements for organizations external to ETCS should be for a primarily ETCS audience and will be approved on an individual basis by the Dean's office.
    • Items for the electronic message board must be turned in by Wednesday of each week to be displayed beginning on Monday of the following week.
      • The attached form must accompany the desired message
      • A message must be:
        • In Power Point format with a 1024 x 768 maximum resolution with NO animation
        • No more than three (3) slides in length
        • Professional in content
    • Display of announcements will be for a maximum of two weeks.
    • Appearance of messages is subject to constraints of priorities and electronic or mechanical limitations. The number of messages which can appear in any given time period is limited, and precedence will be given to the earlier messages submitted, and to those with a higher priority.
    • Messages may be returned for clarity and conformity to standards.
    • Message content must comply with existing university policies and procedures.
    • Exceptions must be approved by the Dean.

I have read and agree to follow the electronic message board policy governing the operation of the ETCS Electronic Message Display.
I hereby accept responsibility for the accuracy of the message submitted on the attached Power Point slides for display. By submitting this,
I agree to comply with the electronic message board policy.


Organization or Department Name:

Campus Address: E-mail Address:

Contact Person: Campus Phone:

Date Submitted:

First Date to Display Message:

Last Date to Display Message:
(max of 14 days to run message)

This must be a Power Point presentation with no more than three (3) slides as you want it displayed. (1024 x 768 maximum resolution capabilities).
Slide animation is not supported. Nominal slide time is set at 5 seconds.


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