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Although we believe it to be highly accurate, the information contained in this web site is for reference purposes only and is not intended to be used as the only method of guidance during the pursuit of your OL degree. Regular visits with the OL academic advisor will verify that you are taking the appropriate courses, in the proper order, to complete your degree program. Every effort is being made to keep the information contained within this web site current. If you encounter information that appears misleading or could be in error contact OL via e-mail at

Advising Mission

The mission of the Advising Office for the Department of Organizational Leadership is to provide comprehensive and professional academic advising to all students in the deparment, to provide advisor training for staff and faculty, to be the official record keeper for all students in the department , and to advise all incoming transfer students on their first semester of attendance.

Advising Vision

The Advising Office for the Department of Organizational Leadership will be known for:

  • Comprehensive and professional academic advising
  • The quality of its advisor training
  • Student recognition of the quality of their advising experiences

Advising Values

The Advising Office for the Department of Organizational Leadership accepts the following values:

  • Students deserve dependable, accurate, respectful, honest, friendly, and professional advising
  • Students have a desire to learn
  • Learning needs vary according to each individual student’s level of skills, goals, and experiences
  • Students hold their own values and beliefs
  • Students are responsible for their behavior
  • Advisors are responsible to the students they serve
  • Advisors are responsible for involving others, when appropriate, in the advising process
  • Advisors are responsible to the department and Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne