College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

The Master of Science in the Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision

The Master of Science in the Deparatment  of Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) provides a strong foundation in organizational behavior and a choice of specialization in either human resources or leadership.

The human resources option fills a need for individuals who want to understand the theory as well as the practice of HR. Increasingly, organizations are depending on their employees to provide a competitive edge as they face global competition, and the human resources function is integral in that endeavor. This means that the HR staff must be more innovative, more strategic, and more sophisticated than ever before. Students in the HR option will learn how to contribute to organizational success by hiring better performers and managing them more effectively.

The leadership option responds to increasing interest in the study and practice of leadership as a discipline. Organizations need effective leaders at all levels as they face a global marketplace and a more diverse and rapidly changing society. The leadership option responds to this need by providing the theory, skills, and action-oriented perspective required to be an effective leader in today's organizations. Students in this option will learn research-supported leadership principles, not leadership fads.

Degree Information

The M.S. in organizational leadership and supervision is a 33 credit hour program composed of 15 credit hours of core requirements, followed by 12 credit hours in either the leadership or the human resources option, and 6 credit hours in research.

The program is founded on objectives common to both the leadership and human resources options. In the core courses, students will enhance their ability to:

  • understand the complexity and interrelated nature of organizational phenomena
  • see possibilities beyond the present state of the organization
  • develop and enhance organizational climates and cultures
  • develop employees, teams, and leaders at every level
  • create a workforce that is a source of competitive advantage.

Both options will build on this foundation.

Students in the human resources option will enhance their ability to:

  • improve their skills to promote organizational diversity
  • develop and manage compensation plans
  • use valid selection techniques
  • create healthy work environments

Students in the leadership option will:

  • enhance skills and knowledge to influence and shape behavior
  • head project teams and functional areas
  • lead change efforts

For more information please contact Kimberly O'Connor, OLS Director of Graduate Studies.