College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

OLS Masters: Human Resources Option

Students in the human resources option will:

  • Improve their skills to promote organizational diversity
  • Develop and manage compensation plans
  • Develop and implement training and career development programs
  • Develop and maintain human resources policies and procedures

Core Requirements = 15 credit hours

OLS 51000 Foundations of Behavior and Leadership in Organizations
OLS 51500 Foundations of Human Resources
OLS 52000 Foundations of the Organizational Context
OLS 52500 Organizational Analysis and Action
Research skill course (Com 58200 Or Educ P503)

Human Resources Option = 12 credit hours

OLS 54500 Compensation and Benefits
OLS 55500 Workforce Planning & Employment
OLS 56500 Employee Relations
One elective (approved by advisor)

Additional Requirments = 6 credit hours

OLS 68000 Research in OLS vaiable credit course 3 to 6 credit hours (P: completion of core courses and instructor/advisor permission)
OLS 59000 Capstone plus 3 credit elective
Elective if needed approved by advisor