College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

GLO: Girls Leading Others

We know women and minorities are underrepresented in leadership positions and in technology/science fields; middle school girls are in particular at risk for avoiding leadership roles. We believe leadership is a process.

Leadership is a Process

  • Most applications for leadership programs ask for a list of leadership positions held, perpetuating the skill development of only a select few. At GLO, the requirement is a desire to learn about leadership, not previous experience.
  • Many youth development programs are held in settings where there is not much diversity among participants. We actively recruit GLO participants from traditionally underserved populations, including African Americans; Latino; rural and first generation college students. Our goal is that at least 1/4 of GLO participants have a financial need and we work hard to fund scholarships for the program.
  • Throughout the week, girls discuss issues such as power and empowerment, conflict, decision making, and creativity. There are many collaborative decisions to be made and girls learn the difference between cooperating and collaborating. Girls practice communication and presentation skill on stage, during meetings and mediated by technology.

A Unique Curriculum

Originally developed, in 2004, in a special way by experts and girls.

  • IPFW Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) faculty who are experts in leadership, team development and technology use
  • A graduate of the OLS Baccalaureate program who has researched youth development and achievement
  • A peer advisory board headed by three creative and committed 15 year old girls

Activities are on a three year cycle so that participants can return to increase their learning without repeating most activities.

GLO Achievements

Three GLO peer advisors were named to the inaugural class of the Society of Hamilton Women for their work in developing GLO.


GLO Web site made by girls, for girls.