College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)

Careers in MET

MET graduates in northeast Indiana work in the automotive, heavy truck, plastics, defense, and medical products industries. They fill process engineering, product development, product testing, manufacturing engineering, and management roles.

Degree Programs

The Associate of Science (A.S.) MET program helps you acquire the basic communication and practical technical skills necessary for entry-level MET positions. Graduates are eligible to enter the B.S. program. Students must earn a "C" or better in any course that serves as a prerequisite for another course in the A.S. program.

The Bachelor's of Science (B.S.) MET program is open to graduates of the A.S. program and students with transferred or earned credit in prerequisite courses. It broadens your abilities in communication and interpersonal relations, and your knowledge of science, economics, and technical subjects. Students must earn a "C" or better in any course that serves as a prerequisite for another course in the B.S. program, even if the prerequisite is taken as a part of the A.S. program.

MET courses teach practical engineering principles through the use of lectures, textbook problems, and laboratory experiments.

Unsure about the similarities and differences between MET and ME? Check out the ASME webpage "Which Path Will You Take?" for more information.

Enrollment and Graduation Data

Enrollment figures are for the Fall semester; degrees earned are for the academic year (Fall + Spring + Summer)

  • 2015: 208 students enrolled
  • 2014: 215 students enrolled, 19 A.S. & 33 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2013: 213 students enrolled, 23 A.S. & 29 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2012: 213 students enrolled, 23 A.S. & 27 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2011: 227 students enrolled, 15 A.S. & 29 B.S. degrees earned. 
  • 2010: 198 students enrolled, 26 A.S. & 12 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2009: 201 students enrolled, 18 A.S. & 23 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2008: 148 students enrolled, 12 A.S. & 11 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2007: 132 students enrolled, 12 A.S. & 10 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2006: 113 students enrolled, 11 A.S. & 30 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2005: 111 students enrolled, 7 A.S. & 30 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2004: 124 students enrolled, 29 A.S. & 16 B.S. degrees earned.
  • 2003: 135 students enrolled, 31 A.S. & 20 B.S. degrees earned.