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Northeast Indiana Lean Network Previous Presentations

All presentations are in chronological order:


System Design Simulation, by Dr. David Cochran, IPFW (February 2018)


Systematic Approach to Workforce Challenges, by Aaron Highley - Oji Intertech (December 2017)

Engaged Teams, by Mike Raines - Pyromation (December 2017)

Workforce Challenges: Interactive Poll Results (December 2017)

Manufacturing Workforce Outlook, by Rick Farrant - NE Indiana Works (December 2017)

What Does Lean Mean to Me? (November 2017)

Parkview Cancer Institute (October 2017)

Focusing Lean on Transactional - High Impact, by Art Thomas (September 2017)

Change Management Model, by Brad Staats (June 2017)

Lean Culture Behavior Change from Mass Production, by Rick Sereno - Oji Intertech (June 2017)

Change Management, by Lisa Mungovan (June 2017)

Attracting & Retaining Associates, presented to Honda Lean Network by Jason Barnes, David Cochran, Jennifer Oxtoby

Organizational Learning, by Pete Wilson - Pyromation (May 2017)

Sustaining Lean, by Lori Casiano - TI Automotive (May 2017)

Pyromation Problem Solving Journey, by Dan Atkinson (March 2017)

Tools for Problem Solving, by Linda Smith - Wayne Metals (March 2017)

Problem Solving Tools, by Jim Anelle - Bendix Commercial Vehicles Systems (March 2017)

Wayne Metals Tour, Old Work Instructions and New Work Instructions, by Adam Kennedy (February 2017)  

Paper Airplane Activity, by Ed Hlava - Purdue TAP (January 2017)


Leading the Lean Enterprise - Lean Overview, by Brad Staats (December 2016)

History of Northeast Indiana Lean Network, by Joe Sepkovich (December 2016)

Maintenance Improvements: 5S, Energy Excellence, and eMaint - Tour of Trelleborg, by Steve Volz (April 2016)

Evaluating and Sustaining Lean, by Jason Barnes, David Cochran, Joe Sepkovich (January 2016)


5S Training



Collective System Design (CSD) in Sustaining the Lean Enterprise, by David Cochran (December 2013)

Toyota Kata, by Mike Rother (December 2013)

Sealing Solutions, by Steve Volz (June 2013)

Lean Operations in Job Shop Environments, by Wendell Aldrich and Nathan Grier (June 2013)

Low Volume Lean, by Bill Paolucci (June 2013)

Introduction to ERP, by Brad Staats (April 2013)

Lean Service Kaizen (February 2013) 


Problem Solving - Root Cause Analysis, by Bill Paolucci (March 2010)

Purdue - Technical Assistance Program (January 2010)


Wayne Metals Tour (July 2009)

SMED - A Set-Up Reduction Tool for Continuous Improvement, by Bill Paolucci (July 2009)

Value Stream Mapping, by Bill Paolucci (March 2009)


Energy Efficiency Services, by Purdue University (September 2008)

Changeover Reduction at Chemtura (July 2008)

The Human Side of Lean, by Gene Faron & Brad Sommer (July 2008)

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