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College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Spring 2015

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Title: Fabrication, Characterization and Application of a Piezoelectric Material
  • Sponsor: Department of Engineering
  • Advisor: Dr. Pomalaza-Ráez
  • Team members: Bryan Daugherty, Wyatt Decker,
    Darnell Parris, and Prakshesh Patel

Mechanical Engineering

  • Title: Design, Construction, Testing, Calibration, and Demonstration of a Four-Cup Anemometer
  • Sponsor: Department of Engineering
  • Advisor: Dr. Njock Libii
  • Team members: Grant Cornary, Mark Underwood,
    and Christopher Wright

Mechanical Engineering

  • Title: Braking Mechanism for a Manual Stair-Climbing Wealchair
  • Sponsor: Pelico
  • Advisor: Dr. Kang
  • Team members: Dustin Bruntz, Samuel Passwter,
    Caland Sembach, and Julian Velazquez


  • Title: IPFW Electrical Vehicle (EV
  • Sponsor: Department of Engineering
  • Advisors: Dr. Abu-Mulaweh (ME), Dr. Eroglu (EE),
    and Dr. Oloomi (EE)
  • Team members:  Leandra Lee (ME), Austin Swihart (ME),
    Joshua Weaver (ME), Andres Cobos (EE, CmpE),
    Mitchell Eilerman (CmpE), Charles McIntosh (EE)

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