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College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Fall 2014

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Title: Trelleborg linear wear test stand data acquisition and control upgrade
  • Sponsor: Trelleborg
  • Advisor: Dr. Guoping Wang
  • Team members: Samuel Chapman, Andrew Harness,
    and Kenneth Walter

Electrical Engineering

  • Title: Design and Implementation of RF Communication System for Refrigeration Applications
  • Sponsor: EMS Motors and Specialties Inc.
  • Advisor: Dr. Abdullah Eroglu
  • Team members: Sukaynah Abu-Mulaweh, Adam Contino,
    and Daylon Wolf

Electrical Engineering

  • Title: TBD
  • Sponsor: TBD
  • Advisor: Dr. Yanfei Liu
  • Team members: Timothy Boles, Christopher Coffee,
    Justin Galvan,and Steven Groff

Mechanical Engineering

  • Title: Reverse Engineering and Redesign of a Riveting Machine
  • Sponsor: Cooper Standard Automotive
  • Advisor: Dr. Zhuming Bi
  • Team members: Cody Huber, Nicholas Moynahan,
    Manuel Ramirez, and Matthew Shultz


  • Title: Test Stand for Calibrating Strain Gauged Drive Shafts
  • Sponsor: Eaton Clutch
  • Advisors: Dr. Chen (CmpE) and Dr. Younis (ME)
  • Team members:  Joseph Carnes (EE), Alex Yarian (EE),
    Aaquib Asif (ME), Curtis Coverstone (ME),
    Isaak Larson (ME), and Darin Taylor (ME)

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