College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Computer Science and Information Systems at IPFW

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase in the demand for graduates with degrees in computer science and information systems. Our students explain, in this 6 minute video, why you should study computer science or information systems, and our degree options. Three of our departmental faculty members share advice for choosing your degree, and discuss our strengths, including our Computer Science program which is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, Our students discuss what projects are like, and how they knew computer science or information systems was the best choice for their career goals.

Information about annual student enrollment and student graduation data for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a Major in Computer Science program can be found at the IPFW Statistical Reports website.

Campus Tours

Picture of Campus

Take a look at IPFW from the perspective of someone who studies computer science or information systems. Find out which buildings you will use most often, and what your classrooms and professors look like! The students you will see in this video are actual CS or IS students, who want you to see there is plenty to do on campus. IPFW is a beautiful campus in all seasons, and offers you many opportunities to get involved in activities, experience the city, and to pursue cultural and athletic events.

IPFW is actively involved in an international student exchange program with Hangzhou Normal University, China. This video tour is offered for Chinese speaking students wanting to learn more about IPFW and specifically, the Department of Computer Science.

IPFW CIO Roundtable Discussion

The CIO Roundtable Discussion highlights the importance of computing professionals in a corporate setting. Information Technology Senior Executives discuss the need for graduates to know the various functional areas within the company in order to provide information services and data to those lines of business. As needs grow in the technology realm, computer science and information systems professionals to solve problems getting data to those who make business decisions, either to save or make money for the company. Join IPFW Former CIO and Lecturer, Bob Kostrubanic, as he hosts three leaders from the Fort Wayne regional area in a discussion about roles, jobs, and the job market for students in Information Systems and Computer Science degrees.

Student Interviews

Picture of Dustin Wolfe

Dustin Wolf is a senior pursuing a BS degree in Computer Science. He has been a teaching assistant in CS 160 and wants to pursue a career as a high school computer science teacher. So why did he decide on computer science as a degree? And why did he transfer to IPFW from a larger university? View his interview here.

Picture of Janelle

Janelle O’Hare is a returning adult student, who has been pursuing dual BS degrees in Information Systems and Computer Science. She has been taking classes part time while raising a family. Janelle offers some great tips on classes, project planning, professors, and the commute to IPFW.

Picture of Mason

Mason Scott Storm has just graduated with a BS degree in Information Systems. Mason knows that choosing a degree which interests you, and one which challenges your skills, leads to a career you truly enjoy. View his interview here.

Picture of Honare

Honore’ Hodary is a senior pursuing a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science. After finding he enjoyed programming classes in Java, he began to take more computer science classes. Following graduation, Honore’ will be pursuing a Masters of Applied Computer Science. View his interview here.

Picture of Shawshank

Shashank Chenutula is an international student pursuing a Masters of Applied Computer Science. Shashank is a teaching assistant and is working part time on campus. He is very excited about living in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the many things to do and see, even though Fort Wayne is vastly different from his home town. View his interview here.

Faculty Interviews

Picture of Prof. Sedlmeyer

Professor Robert Sedlmeyer, Associate Director of the IPFW Department of Computer Science, explains why our degree programs are academically strong. He also talks about his diverse interests in the community and on campus, and wants you to know there is more to being a computer scientist than writing code!

Picture of Prof. Wolfe

Professor Britton Wolfe talks about how he became involved in computer science, and how you can prepare for your degree by developing problem solving skills.