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Computer Science

New Senior Project Sequence

Starting in the 2011-2012 academic year, the department will phase in a new senior project sequence, replacing the old CS 36000/46000 combination with a three-course sequence: CS 36000, 46000, and 46500. You can read more about this new course sequence here. In addition, you can view the Fall 2012 syllabus for CS 46000.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science

This program helps you prepare for a career as a computer professional and for possible graduate study. Preparation includes an understanding of programming and problem-solving, data abstraction, computer hardware organization, operating systems, programming language design and translation, and development of large-scale software systems

B.S. degree requirements

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Computer Science

This program has the same computer science core and concentrations as the B.S. degree, but offers you the ability to pair computer science with another subject to yield an interdisciplinary degree. The program requires you to take several courses in some subject other than Information Systems and Informatics. Possible subjects include Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Professional Writing Concentration, Psychology, Public and Environmental Affairs, Visual Communication and Design, etc.

B.A. degree requirements

International Cooperation Agreements

IPFW is pleased to offer students from the International Institute for Information Science and Technology (Shanghai, China), Hangzhou Normal University (Hangzhou, China), and Seoul Women's University (Seoul, South Korea) the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in computer science at IPFW after beginning their studies at their home university.

Minor in Computer Science

If you are pursuing a major other than computer science, you may earn a minor in computer science by completing a few core courses that teach you the fundamentals of computer science.

Requirements for a minor in computer science

Minor in Informatics

The minor in Informatics complements a major in such fields as Nursing, Biology, Business, Management, Government/Public Administration and Education.

Requirements for a minor in informatics


Information Systems

The courses required for all Information Systems degrees, minors, and certificates are all available over the internet.  These degrees can be earned completely online, completely in the classroom, or through a mixture of both.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Systems

The bachelor's degree in information systems emphasizes the design and use of information systems for the management of information in the modern corporate and organizational environment. The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems prepares you for a career as a computer professional as well as for possible graduate study.  The courses for this degree have been approved for online teaching.

B.S. degree requirements
B.S. degree course descriptions

Associate's Degree (A.S.) in Information Systems

This program is focused on fundamental computing courses in programming utilizing two languages and the basic foundation courses in information systems. Additional focus is on basic business knowledge courses as well as the use of technology and computers in organizations. All requirements may be applied to the B.S. program in information systems. Graduates of the A.S. program typically continue in the B.S. program, although they are qualified for employment opportunities in the computer field.

A.S. degree requirements
A.S. degree course descriptions

Minor in Information Systems

The minor in information systems provides a fundamental background for students interested in developing software for business/organization systems and applications. If you are pursuing a major other than information systems, you may earn a minor in information systems by completing a few core courses that teach you the fundamentals of information systems.

Requirements for a minor in information systems

Certificate in Information Systems Applications

This Certificate will allow a student to have the "credential" needed to show competency for the entry level position, or for repositioning within a company field, or reaffirming technical background. The Certificate coursework will provide the background that will easily provide avenues of working with the Information Systems or Information Technology Departmental staff in the company setting.

Requirements for a certificate in Information Systems Applications

The Computer Science Bachelor of Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc., 415 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 - Telephone: (410) 347-7700 - Website: