Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Minor in Electronics

The minor in electronics provides a fundamental technical background in analog and digital electronics to enable you to understand, analyze, and troubleshoot basic circuits. It also enables you to specialize and gain an in-depth knowledge of a particular area of electronics. Minor is not available to CPET or EET majors.

To earn a minor in electronics, you must complete the following courses:

Fundamental Courses (16 credits)

  • ECET 10200-Electrical Circuits I Cr. 4.
  • ECET 11100-Digital Circuits Cr. 4.
  • ECET 15200-Electrical Circuits II Cr. 4.
  • ECET 20400-Analog Electronics II Cr. 4.

Advanced Course (One of the following: 4 credits)

  • ECET 30200-Introduction to Control Systems Cr. 4.
  • ECET 30300-Communications I Cr. 4.
  • ECET 35500-Data Communications and Networking Cr. 4.
  • ECET 36100-Introduction to PLC and Pneumatic Systems Cr. 4.

Electronics Minor Total Credits: 20


Information Technology Minor

The Information Technology Minor can compliment nearly every major as most majors have some degree of involvement with technology.  The minor provides insight into how technology is designed, developed, and implemented, providing a snapshot into the ever-expanding Information Technology field.  There are no special requirements (GPA or class standing) for a student wishing to add the IT minor.

Curriculum for IT Minor

                  ITC11000 – Fundamentals of IT (P: None) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 13000 - Fundamentals of Programming (P: None) (Cr. 3) OR
                  ECET11400 – Visual Basic Programming (P: None) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC21000 – Information Tech Systems (P: ITC11000) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC33100 – Networks I (ITC11000 or ITC23000) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC35000 – Databases (ITC21000 and ECET11400) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC37000 - Human Computer Interaction (P:ITC21000) (Cr. 3) OR
                  ITC38000 – Project Integration (P:ITC21000) (Cr. 3)

                 Total Credit Hours = 18 credit hours

For more information, contact Michelle Parker (, 260-481-6338, ET 205G.