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Contact Us:

IPFW Division of Continuing Studies
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
By Phone: 260-481-6828
By Fax: 260-481-6949
In Person: Kettler Hall, Room 145

Quick Tips For DCS Faculty/Instructors

Account/Information Technology Services (for new instructors only)

A faculty user account will be created for the IPFW email system (Groupwise).  An ITS department representative will send your username and password to your personal email account. It is your responsibility to activate your account. Go to www.ipfw.edu; click on the orange button “my.ipfw.edu”, under “first time user” choose ‘Get me started’ and follow the prompts.

Address and Contact Information Changes

Address changes must be made in both Banner and One Purdue.  See chart below or visit the Registrar’s Office and Human Resources to complete a Change of Address form.


Go to my.ipfw.edu

Log in with IPFW username and password

Click on My Home tab

Choose Update Addresses and Phones under Personal Information

Change Address


One Purdue

Go to http:///www.purdue.edu/onepurdue

Click on One Purdue Portal Login

Log in with One Purdue username and password (not same as Banner) Choose Employee Self-Service tab Click on Personal Information

Select Address – Edit – Change address Exit


Book orders should be submitted directly to Follett’s Bookstore, www.ipfw.bkstr.com. Choose “Online Adoptions” (scroll to bottom of web page) and Sign In or “Register Here” if this is your first order. Enter 281 in the “Institution Supplied Password” field.  If you have questions, contact Adrienne Taylor, Course Materials Manager, at 260-481-0300 or email 0281txt@fheg.follett.com

Cancellations (non-weather related)

A link located in OASIS (at the bottom of your roster page) or in Blackboard Learn is provided to e- mail the entire class of any cancellation.


The primary method of communication between Continuing Studies and instructors is via IPFW email account; therefore, check your IPFW email on a regular basis. You may access email through https://my.ipfw.edu or http://webmail.ipfw.edu.  If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at 260- 481-6030.

Grades and Rosters

The OASIS system is used to print rosters, submit grades, and access student information. Access OASIS through the my.ipfw.edu portal.  Final grades must be submitted through OASIS the Monday after finals week of each semester, by 5 p.m. If you miss this deadline, complete and submit a form 350fw for each student on your roster. Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office and must be signed by the primary instructor.

Identification Cards

You will need an IPFW ID card for use of Helmke Library, Folletts Bookstore discounts (including software), Gates Sports Center, and as proof of IPFW employment.


Most classrooms are unlocked; should you need a key, contact Debi Thorpe, thords01@ipfw.edu.

Library (Helmke)


Parking (Fort Wayne Campus)

A valid parking permit is required to park in designated "A" (employee) or handicapped parking areas. Open parking areas are available for staff and students without valid parking permits. For additional parking information go to http://ipfw.edu/about/maps-directions/parking.html or pick up a Parking and Emergency Information brochure with campus map at the Information Desk located in Kettler Hall.

Printing (Fort Wayne Campus)

Submit electronic print requests to thords01@ipfw.edu. Include number of copies needed and special instructions. Allow 3 to 4 business days for delivery.

Proctored Testing

If your course will require proctored testing, contact online@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6111.

Recorded Presentations (Echo360)

For training or assistance  contact Saw Kapaw, kapaws@ipfw.edu or call 260-491-0724.

Syllabi Submission

As part of our emergency preparedness, we are required to have an electronic version of each course syllabus stored on our Division of Continuing Studies server to distribute/redistribute to students if necessary.  Submit an electronic copy of your syllabus or URL to your personal or department  website to dcscredit@ipfw.edu the first week of each semester.

Technology-Assisted Teaching

For a listing of technologies available in the classroom go to http://new.ipfw.edu/committees/itco/technology-assisted-teaching. It is recommended that you visit your assigned room to familiarize yourself with the equipment. If you have any questions contact IT.

If additional equipment is necessary, contact AV Technology Services (formerly LRC). Make a request for portable systems at least two working days [prior to class meeting] to avscheduling@ipfw.edu.

Technical Support

For technical or Blackboard problems and questions contact the IPFW Help Desk,

helpdesk@ipfw.edu or call 260-481-6030.

Training (Technology Short-Courses free to IPFW faculty and staff)

Courses are available (e.g., spreadsheets and word processing) and resources (e.g., Internet and e- mail). http://new.ipfw.edu/training/index.html.

Tutoring - Center for Academic Support and Advancement (CASA)

Includes the Writing Center: http://www.ipfw.edu/casa/

Have more questions?

Our staff is located in Kettler Hall, Room 145, Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM.

  • Online Learning/ICN: Deb Hein, 260-481-0506
  • Proctored Testing: 260-481-6111
  • Dual Credit/School Based Programs: Jody Zurbrugg, 260-481-6267
  • Off-Campus/Weekend College/Teacher Licensure:  Debi Thorpe, 260-481-6321
  • Technology Coordinator - Saw Kapaw, 260-481-0724
  • Payroll Information: 260-481-6649
  • Assistant Directors: Angie Williams, 260-481-5449 and Beth Iserman, 260-481-6627

Emergency Numbers


Fire, medical, threatening situation:


University Police, escort to vehicle:


Unlock classroom or building:


Statement on Severe Winter Weather

Fort Wayne Campus and IPFW in Kendallville (Four County)

When severe weather occurs, IPFW bases its decision about whether to close the campus on two factors. First, the campus is likely to be closed when Fort Wayne and/or Allen County authorities declare that travel is restricted and motorists are subject to ticketing.  Second, the campus is likely to close if it is not possible to maintain sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways in safe conditions.

Until you hear or see an official announcement from IPFW, you should always assume the campus is open. Weather conditions are also monitored during traditional Weekend College class meeting times.

The IPFW Emergency Notification System will be activated when the university must close due to adverse weather.  Register for this service at www.my.ipfw.edu and choose Alert Phone Number.  An automated text/phone message will be delivered to the number you designate in the event of an adverse-weather closing.

Listen to local radio or television announcements (including CATV, Comcast Channel 5 or Frontier Channel 30), or go to www.ipfw.edu (a notice will appear at the top of the page), or call the campus weather emergency numbers 260-481-6050 or 260-481-5770 for a recorded message. Do not call the Information Desk.

When the campus remains open, students, staff, and faculty should consider their individual circumstances and then decide whether they can safely travel to campus.  Should faculty decide to cancel class, they should notify Continuing Studies and students as soon as possible so that their students may avoid unnecessary travel.

It is highly advised that all faculty develop a pro-active communication plan with students (e.g., students know to check Blackboard or their email if the weather is bad for an announcement on whether class will be held).