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Imogene BibbsBeing a full-time college student is not easy.  It gets even harder when you’re a single parent, work two jobs and volunteer with various organizations.  I began taking online courses my sophomore year because I knew that being on campus so much was taking away a large amount of my time. I have been hooked ever since.  Online learning has given me the opportunity to have that extra time during the day to spend with my daughter and to get some housework done.  It gives me a chance to work ahead in my class and not have to wait for the professor to give me the assignment during a specified time.  It also gives me a variety of learning.  With online classes I can listen to lectures for a while, pause it and come back to it.  I can participate in online discussions at my own pace.  It is extremely convenient and resourceful especially for someone with a busy schedule similar to mine.  Online learning has helped me, as the non-traditional student, come closer towards achieving my goal of receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I am truly grateful that online learning was available for me.
- Imogene Bibbs, IPFW Online Student

Valerie Why were you in Chile?
I am a Spanish major and I wanted the experience of living abroad and the opportunity to learn and practice Spanish outside of a classroom.
How long were you there?
3 semesters including one summer semester
How many online classes did you take while you were in Chile?
I took 7 online classes.
Do you take online classes when you are in the states?
What is the best part of taking online classes? 
The flexibility with your schedule.
- Valerie Deutsch, IPFW Online Student