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Undergraduate students interested in fully online programs can choose from three distinct bachelor’s degrees available through online coursework at IPFW, along with several minors and one graduate online degree.  For more information about a particular program, click on the degree or program name below or visit our online Undergraduate Bulletin.


Bachelor’s Degrees Available through Online Learning:

Student Stories...

Sarah Schlatter first earned her associate’s degree at IPFW by attending traditional classroom-style classes and later decided that she wanted to return to earn a BSN to become a Nurse. As a mother with a young child, things always come up unexpectedly and it always seems like there are never enough hours in the day, which is why Sarah decided to transition to online classes at IPFW.

“I work full time so I needed something that was flexible, something where I could just come in and learn the material,” Sarah recalled.

By enrolling in online classes, Sarah was able to tap into lectures and view course materials whenever she had a free moment. This allowed her to complete her degree at her own pace while still being able to be work full time to support her family. Being a parent is a full time job, one that you have to be available at every second of the day and able to drop whatever you are doing to be there for them. “At one point, unfortunately, my daughter became very ill and ended up in the ICU. My online professors were just amazing with their support and understanding,” Sarah shared.

The online staff is wholly dedicated to their students, going to great lengths to make sure their students succeed. “… towards the end of my BSN, I had maxed out on all of my financial aid and student loans. My online professors got together and helped me find the scholarships that allowed me to finish my degree.” Sarah graduated in May of 2014 with her BSN thanks to the help and full support of IPFW’s online community.

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