Japanese Saturday School

General Information and Philosophy

  • Japanese Saturday School
    Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne
    Walb Student Union, Room G27
    2101 E Coliseum Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499
  • Established August 2006
  • The Organizing Body: IPFW Division Continuing Studies
  • The Supporting Organization: Greater Fort Wayne Inc. (supported by local foundations) and IPFW


  • Provide education in Japanese language, according to the general curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education of Japan, to preschool, primary, and secondary school children.
  • Offer both Japanese and American children opportunities to understand Japanese culture and to gain cross-cultural experiences by teaching them in Japanese, to the end that they may acquire an ability to think through various issues and make sound judgments from the global perspective.
  • To support representatives families of Japanese firms stationed in the Fort Wayne area by helping them improve their English and assisting them to cope with their daily life situations in the United States.
  • To help enrich students’ lives in their local schools.    


  • To help children grow in independent thinking and self-motivation
  • To nurture children and teach respect for others.
  • To assist children in deeper appreciation of Japanese culture and in better character building for increasingly internationalized society   

Educational Guidelines

  • In order to achieve the purpose and the objectives of IPFW Japanese Saturday School (JSS hereafter), it will follow the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education of Japan with specific educational guidelines as follows:
  • JSS will emphasize Japanese language skills for both Japanese students and international class students.  For the former it is to maintain the level of sound Japanese through classes of Japanese literature and mathematics; for the latter it is to develop the Japanese language skills through classes of Japanese language itself.
  • JSS will provide a place of positive learning experiences for students so they may be able to gain a sense of satisfaction, achievement, and gratification.  
  • JSS will assist, through various activities and learning experiences, in the formation of personal character that has a deep understanding of Japanese culture and custom as well as a profound appreciation for differences in cultures.  


Supported by The Japanese Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs