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Our students worked hard to get where they are. Now, as they begin the transition from college to career, it is important to remember that success can take more than hard work-it's often who you know. The General Studies Program has a big talent pool of its alumni who are willing to be mentors and a networking resource for current General Studies students.

The eNetworking program is an asynchronous, primarily text-based and convenient mode of communication for connecting IPFW General Studies Program alumni to current students. Its goal is to foster a caring and supportive partnership for developing students' vision for the future and active community partnerships.

"The eNetworking event was great! My mentor is not from my field of interest but has been invaluable in getting information that is helping me in my career. It has been a great experience for me and I feel better prepared as I continue on my career path." -- Teresa Osburn

Interested in joining the General Studies eNetworking program? Would like more information?  Information on the 2013 event.