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Miller_9182When Brian Miller started at IPFW, fresh out of Carroll High School, he knew he wanted to work in sports. He served as the public address announcer for Mastodon basketball and volleyball events and devoted so much time to extracurricular activities that he neglected his studies. “I struggled my first year and was put on academic probation,” he recalls of his early college days, which also included serving on The Communicator staff and in student government.

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Bachelor of General Studies

Completing the Indiana University Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.), an interdisciplinary four-year degree, gives you basic preparation for many careers and graduate programs. B.G.S. graduates work in various professional fields, including education, law, government, health care, real estate, social service, and private industry. Many B.G.S. students have gone onto graduate programs such as anthropology, business, divinity studies, education, fine arts, international affairs, law, library science, management, nursing, public health, and social work. B.G.S. graduates have earned master's degrees and doctorates at Indiana University and other universities.

Admission to the university must be completed in order to register for classes. Contact the General Studies Degree Programs office for an appointment at 260-481-6828. Please bring official or unofficial transcripts to the appointment. The General Studies Degree Programs office is located in Kettler Hall, Room 144.

For more information on a program that interests you, visit the IPFW online Undergraduate Bulletin.

B.G.S. Requirements

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) - 120 total credit hours

  • 36 credit hours in arts and sciences
  • 18 additional credit hours in one of the three above areas
  • 66 credit hours in electives
  • a minimum of 30 upper-level (300-400 level) credit hours
  • not more than 21 credit hours in a single arts and sciences department/subject or 30 credit hours in a single professional school
  • a minimum of 32 hours of residential credit (IU or Purdue) earned at IPFW
  • a minimum of 20 credit hours earned after admission to the General Studies Degree Program
  • competency courses (IPFW required) in
    • English Composition--ENG W131 or equivalent
    • Communications--COM 114 or equivalent
    • Mathematics--MA 153, MA 168 or Statistics 125 or equivalent
    • Computer Science--ETCS 106 or equivalent
    • 2nd Writing Course--see your advisor for a listing of applicable courses
    • Diversity Course