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Writing Superheroes – Caroline Brewer - July 29, 30 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

The Happy Teacher Writing Superheroes course uses children’s literature and stories drawn from real life to help teachers ignite a classroom full of more eager and capable writers. It gives teachers the tools (and permission) to teach writing creatively, while erasing the fear and dread that normally accompany the classroom writing experience.  Educators will develop confidence in their abilities to teach writing and revision in response to literature, film, and real-life experiences. They will gain new approaches to teaching, autobiographical writing, persuasive writing, and writing based on interviews. They will learn how to help students incorporate emotion into writing and more quickly build students’ vocabularies and fluency, as well as how to ensure the revision process unfolds smoothly and effectively, in a way that students appreciate and look forward to.  This course is taught by a teacher and author of 10 books, who also is a former Pulitzer-Prize nominated columnist and Pulitzer Prize juror.