Division of Continuing Studies

Professional Learning

Energy, Economics, and the Environment – Zafar Nazarov - June 15-19 - 9:00-5:30 (45 PGPs)

The economics content will prepare participants to understand the interaction between energy and economic growth, to identify trade-offs that exist between energy and the environment, to recognize externalities that arise in the economy, and to appreciate the issues involved in deregulating the electricity generating industry. Various speakers from AEP and other agencies, along with teachers with recognized expertise in teaching units on energy and the environment, will provide guest lectures. A tour will visit coal-fired and hydroelectric plants in Indiana.

The registration cost for existing teacher license holders or those seeking to renew their licenses is reduced due to the generous support of our program partners.

This course is also available for 3 undergraduate credits.  Contact Jason Habisch for more information.

Flipping the Classroom – Andrew Deatrick - June 22, 23 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

Flipping your classroom is more than just making videos for the students to view at home and doing homework in class. It is a pedagogical shift that flips instruction and practice, putting instruction outside of the classroom and practice in the class where peers and the teacher can guide students through projects and problems. This workshop provides tools, strategies and the experience of a veteran classroom flipper. This workshop will be held in a computer lab and participants are encouraged to bring their own devices.

Fitting it all in:  Literacy, Student Growth and iPads - Joyce Hannibal - June 24, 25 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

This workshop leads educators in how to get in all of the reading instruction students needed while differentiating and meeting the needs of all. Join us for this interactive session on how to structure your day so you can, monitor progress, small group instruction and whole group instruction with and without iPads. Please bring your current schedule and an iPad.

iPad Technology at Work in the Elementary Classroom –Shelly Jenkins - June 29, 30 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

This workshop will explore a variety of iPad tools and techniques for teacher and student productivity and creativity, specialized for elementary grades. Educators will have hands-on instruction with a variety of proven apps that engage students in digital learning activities and allow teacher – student communication with the iPad.  The content of this workshop is applicable to classroom teachers, special area teachers, and other K-8 educators. 

**Be certain to bring an iPad and charger to the workshop, and be sure to have your apple ID and password with you, as you will be downloading apps from the App Store.

CLOSE Reading –Sandy Adams - July 13, 14 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

With increasing accountability for K-8 student’s literacy and writing scores educators are searching for targeted effective classroom tools and strategies.  The CLOSE Reading workshop delivers these tools and strategies so educators can implement them in their classroom right away.  This is a an energetic hands on workshop with practical tools and strategies educators can use right away.

Introduction to DOK Strategies – Sandy Adams - July 15, 16 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

With increasing accountability for K-12 student’s standardized test results local districts are requiring educators to demonstrate specific instructional and assessment strategies for each standard and for each standard to be embedded in every lesson plan.  This workshop will give educators strategies for deconstructing state educational standards and how to implement them into the Depth of Knowledge framework.

Happy Teacher:  11 Rs Every Teacher Should Know – Caroline Brewer - July 20, 21 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

As the classroom educator scope of accountability widens and resources contract, there is less time for meaningful engagement with students.  The Happy Teacher: 11Rs Every Teacher Should Know was created to help educators find focused, proven strategies beyond classroom management for creating a positive, interdependent learning environment where teachers feel empowered and have the skills and tools to foster accelerated student achievement and a deeper appreciation of learning.

Perfecting DOK Strategies – Sandy Adams - July 22, 23 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

For the educator who has already participated in the Introduction to DOK Strategies workshop or who is using DOK strategies already this workshop will provide excellent coaching to perfect DOK implementation.  All key components will be designed, including Learning Targets, Engagement, Motivation, Classroom Management, Instruction, Rigor-Relevance Matrix, Text Dependent Questions, Evidence Citing, Non Fiction Emphasis, Assessments, Safe/Inviting Learning Environment, Work Ethic, & Feedback. 

Soaring Minds – Dr. Jeanne Zehr, Carrie Roberts - July 27, 28 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

This workshop is divided into three distinct and interrelated units. Participants will explore research based methods to grow teachers as instructional experts while providing lively engagement. Topics include: Challenging students to be more autonomous, developing learning potential, and motivating through relationships.

Writing Superheroes – Caroline Brewer - July 29, 30 - 8:00-3:30 - Lunch Provided (15 PGPs)

The Happy Teacher Writing Superheroes course uses children’s literature and stories drawn from real life to help teachers ignite a classroom full of more eager and capable writers. It gives teachers the tools (and permission) to teach writing creatively, while erasing the fear and dread that normally accompany the classroom writing experience.  Educators will develop confidence in their abilities to teach writing and revision in response to literature, film, and real-life experiences. They will gain new approaches to teaching, autobiographical writing, persuasive writing, and writing based on interviews. They will learn how to help students incorporate emotion into writing and more quickly build students’ vocabularies and fluency, as well as how to ensure the revision process unfolds smoothly and effectively, in a way that students appreciate and look forward to.  This course is taught by a teacher and author of 10 books, who also is a former Pulitzer-Prize nominated columnist and Pulitzer Prize juror.