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Facilitated by: IPFW & Purdue University Technical Assistance Program

Purpose of the Network

Bring together manufacturing leaders to discuss the newest trends in advanced manufacturing especially within lean and share lessons learned for the purpose of advancing the competitiveness of their companies and the region. Beyond the networking, activities will include but not limited to plant tours, presentations on hot topics, demonstrations, or panel discussions. The agenda will be driven by the network.

Upcoming Meetings:


Tuesday, December 16 - Fort Wayne - IPFW Systems Engineering- EDL Lab - Register 

Wednesday, December 17 - Warsaw - Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation (KEDCo) - Register

Meeting topic: Machine/Line/Cell Monitoring for process optimization is the focus of these meetings - Should we monitor OEE, Performance to Takt Time, or something else? We will explore the topic with short company presentations - volunteers needed. IPFW Systems Engineering will introduce the concept of White Sheet Standard work - for when things are going according to plan and Green (the color of money) Sheet Standard Work - for when abnormal conditions exist and things are not going as planned. We will include a member exercise where tables/groups are asked to share at least one benchmark or challenge with the meeting.


Tuesday, February 03 - Fort Wayne - IPFW Systems Engineering- EDL Lab - Register 

Wednesday, February 04 - Warsaw - Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation (KEDCo) - Register 

Meeting topic: Sustaining Improvements - "How To?" - Best Practices. Looking for short company presentations and networking sharing best practices and challenges. Use of Problem Solving and a culture that supports it and use of PDCA will be discussed.


Tuesday, April 14 - Fort Wayne - IPFW Systems Engineering- EDL Lab - Register 

Wednesday, April 15 - Warsaw - Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation (KEDCo) - Register 

Meeting topic: Energy/resource Management - The next generation for "Green" - with short company presentations. Focusing on use of technology and logic to monitor, limit, and control energy/resource consumption. We are looking for companies to do short presentations on current benchmarking opportunities.


Tuesday, June 09 - Fort Wayne - IPFW Systems Engineering- EDL Lab - Register 

Wednesday, June 10 - Warsaw - Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation (KEDCo) - Register 

Meeting topic: Matrices to Run the business. As Jeff Hockemeyer put it --- so that everyone knows true North. We will build on this over the next few months. We would like for this to include how and what to communicate to whom in the organization for best results.

If you would like to be considered for the advisory committee, suggest a new member, volunteer to provide a tour, propose a topic or have any other suggestions please email Melissa Kurten, Director of Training Outreach or Joe Sepkovich, Systems Engineering--Senior Research Associate.


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Contact Information

Questions or to have your name added to the Network, please contact:

Melissa Kurten


or email melissa.kurten@ipfw.edu