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Issue: 10 Fall 2012


One year ago, the IPFW Division of Continuing Studies and its Corporate Training department announced in this newsletter a new program to help experienced managers refine their leadership skills.  The first annual Applied Leadership Series debuted in March 2012 and, due to an overwhelmingly positive response, we are working on a second annual series for March 2013.  We are still refining the details, but we are excited to announce that regional entrepreneur Keith Busse, Chair of the Board for Steel Dynamics, Inc., will be returning as one of our dynamic presenters.  Watch for more details in a future issue of this newsletter, or click here to learn what past attendees said of the series.

This issue of the IPFW Corporate Advantage includes a couple of great articles by local professionals on two timely topics.  Local wellness consultant Amy Urban discusses how “Too Much Stress Can Lead to Distress” and provides tips for reducing the impact of stress by taking better care of ourselves both physically and emotionally.  With the hectic holiday season approaching, you won’t want to pass up on reading her suggestions.

Then we are given tips for “Overcoming Generational Differences in the Workplace” by Amanda Parker, an IPFW leadership instructor and communications professional, who explains why different age groups are unique and how we can learn to work together for the good of the organization.

Also featured in the IPFW Alumni Insights section is an interview with Alan Tio, president of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation.  Learn what graduate course at IPFW inspired him to enter the field of economic development, and read about his accomplishments, his philosophy, and how he has returned to IPFW to teach a course in his area of expertise.

As always, we hope you find the information included in this newsletter to be helpful as you explore new ways to use Corporate Training to your advantage.  We welcome suggestions for future subject matter; please click here to submit them for consideration.

--Gary Schott, Director of Entrepreneurship & Corporate Training, IPFW Division of Continuing Studies - 260-399-1675 or schottg@ipfw.edu

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Hospitality Management Association's Black Tie Gala

Overcoming Generational
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Too Much Stress
Can Lead to Distress

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Hospitality Management Association's Black Tie Gala

The Hospitality Management Association is putting on its Third Annual Black Tie Gala Event. This event is a fund-raising opportunity for the Hospitality Management Association, as well as a great networking experience for the students and companies involved. We have a guest speaker coming from Gordon Food Services, Chef Ludwig. He is coming to talk about some of the current food trends, while you get to enjoy them! This event will be held at The Courtyard by Marriott downtown on February 23, 2013. We hope to see you all there for a great time, a great experience, and great food!

Please contact Mary Moore if you have any questions or would like to buy a ticket or a table. Tickets $48 and a table of 8 $360. 260-705-6279 or moormm03@students.ipfw.edu

Overcoming Generational Differences in the Workplace
By Amanda Parker, Corporate Communications Specialist at Vera Bradley

Ed jumps in his car and drives to his clients’ business when they’re having a problem with his product.  Susan calls on the phone to schedule an appointment or talk it through, Matthew e-mails the individuals involved and Jasmine sends them a text message.  With four generations potentially sharing the same environment in today’s workplace, each age group tends to have its own unique ways of communicating and dealing with problems.  In this article, Amanda Parker, Corporate Communications Specialist at Vera Bradley, says it is crucial to look at each generation’s historical influences and perspectives in order to understand their motives and actions and how they impact the workplace.  She believes that maintaining flexibility when interacting with individuals from different generations can make a difference between a mediocre and a great place to work.

Read the entire article

Too Much Stress Can Lead to Distress
By Amy Urban, Wellness Consultant

All of us face stress on a daily basis, and there are thousands of techniques to manage it.  But, it’s important to first practice good self-care and to be in a good place, both physically and emotionally.  

In this article, Wellness Consultant Amy Urban, provides a list of practical ideas to help you maintain a healthy, stress-reduced life — because too much stress can lead to distress and negatively impact all aspects of your life.

Read the entire article

IPFW Alumni Insights

This column features alumni of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) as they share their insight on a variety of topics related to business and organizational growth.  We thank the IPFW Alumni Association for helping us identify community leaders for this column.

Interview with Alan Tio, President of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation
By Mary Popovich for Corporate Advantage

Alan Tio, president of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) since 2008, cites an IPFW graduate course in public finance (V560), taught by John Stafford (director of the IPFW Community Research Institute), as his introduction to the study of economic development.  He received a master’s degree in public affairs from IPFW in 2006, and served as project manager for the 12-county Northeast Region of the EDC’s Office of Business Development prior to assuming the leadership position at the Whitley County EDC. In addition to his MPA degree from IPFW, Tio has a bachelor’s degree from Miami University of Ohio.  He also teaches an introductory course in public affairs for the IPFW School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Read the interview

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In need of training to elevate your company to the next level of excellence or teach your employees specific skills needed for future growth expectations?  IPFW’s Corporate Training specializes in providing your company with a competitive advantage through training specifically tailored to your needs.  Unlike other “cookie-cutter” or “one-for-all” training programs that attempt to fit your needs into their existing courses, we conduct a thorough needs analysis and custom-design a program specifically for you.  We provide training at your site or ours, carefully choose the right instructor from our vast network of community experts, and customize the training manual and hands-on instruction for your unique needs.  What’s more, we can schedule the training on your timeline, when it’s least likely to impact operational and production goals.

Learn more about IPFW’s Corporate Training Center and the many training opportunities, or contact Gary Schott at 260-399-1675 or via e-mail at schottg@ipfw.edu.


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