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Corporate Newsletter - Fall 2013

IPFW Corporate Advantage Newsletter - Fall 2013
Issue: 14 Fall 2013


In September, the IPFW Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) and the Corporate Training Department had the pleasure of hosting the monthly luncheon meeting of the Northern Indiana Human Resource Association (NIHRA) for the third consecutive year. We had a great turnout and the event provided an opportunity for us at IPFW to know more about the human resources profession, and for local HR professionals to learn more about IPFW.

DCS Executive Director Deb Conklin welcomed the crowd of approximately 170 attendees to the event, which had a theme of "We've Got You Covered," and introduced the various DCS programs that help business professionals and their companies better position themselves for success. She not only discussed Corporate Training as one of those programs, but also encouraged the audience to check out IPFW's Accelerated MBA and General Studies degrees, along with DCS programs offering online learning, professional development and the annual Applied Leadership Series. If you missed the NIHRA meeting and/or would like to learn more about DCS programs for business professionals and organizations, please visit our website at http://www.ipfw.edu/dcs/.

This issue of the IPFW Corporate Advantage ushers us into the fourth quarter of 2013. It's hard to believe the year is winding down already!

To get you thinking strategically about 2014, we are including articles offering two unique perspectives on ways to improve your company's competitive advantage. "Reading for Keeps" by corporate trainer David Stehlik and "How Does Quality Relate to Lean Manufacturing Principles?" by instructor Kent Keeney will put you in the right frame of mind for next year.

And while you're planning year-end festivities, you might want to read the IPFW Alumni Insights feature to learn what alumni Debbie Smith and Sandra Wharton have to offer through their unique cookie and cupcake boutique, Vanilla Bean, LLC. Their gourmet treats will help you liven up any holiday get-together without you having to bake them!

As always, we hope you find all the information included in this newsletter to be helpful as you explore new ways to use Corporate Training to your advantage. We welcome suggestions for future subject matter; please
click here to submit them for consideration.

--Gary Schott, Director of Entrepreneurship & Corporate Training, IPFW Division of Continuing Studies - 260-399-1675 or schottg@ipfw.edu

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How Does Quality Relate to Lean Manufacturing Principles?

Reading for Keeps

IPFW Alumni Insights

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How Does Quality Relate to Lean Manufacturing Principles?
By Kent A. Keeney, Engineering Professional and Instructor for the IPFW Quality Engineer Certificate Program

"The goals of a quality initiative should be continual improvement, defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste. Companies often set priorities—such as quality, delivery and cost—typically, in that order. When applied properly, the profits or rewards of their actions often take care of themselves. Lean Manufacturing principles apply equally to the office as well as to the manufacturing environment. As we look for and eliminate opportunities for generating waste, the overall quality and productivity naturally increases. Typically, waste falls into eight categories, summed up by the acronym 'DOWN TIME'."

In this article, IPFW Continuing Studies Instructor and Corporate Trainer Kent Keeney discusses the eight waste categories that often get in the way of quality and profitability and stresses that "quality goals, along with Lean Manufacturing principles, work hand in hand toward the ultimate reward that comes from satisfying customer needs and expectations.   

Read the entire article

Reading for Keeps
David Stehlik, Strategy Consultant and Trainer for IPFW Corporate Training

"The modern approach to information gathering is more like dumpster diving than mining for gold. You are more likely to find falsehoods parading as facts than innocuous material, and rarely will you come across something valuable. Thus, the modern reader has to be more discerning in what s/he reads. But, this presupposes that you have the right goal for reading and understand not all reading is or should be conducted equally. . . ."

In this insightful article, Strategy Consultant David Stehlik promotes reading as a tool that corporate leaders should hone. He asserts that "organizational leaders must read" in order to help their organizations gain and sustain competitive advantage, noting that "reading improves the organization by strengthening the minds of those organizing it." To help leaders get started down the right path for strategic reading, he outlines how to go about reading for understanding, discusses what types of reading materials to spend more time on, and suggests ways to create an in-house library.

Read the entire article

IPFW Alumni Insights
This series features alumni of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) as they share their insight on a variety of topics related to business and organizational growth. We thank IPFW Alumni Relations for helping us identify community leaders for this column.

IPFW Alumni Gain National Recognition for their Gourmet Biscotti, Cookies and Cupcakes
By Mary Popovich for Corporate Advantage

Just down the street from the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne campus, at 3410 North Anthony Boulevard, is a retail store and gourmet bakery that offers a little bit of heaven to anyone with a sweet tooth. Founded in 2007, the business, named Vanilla Bean, LLC—based on the two owners' nicknames, Vanilla and Bean—opened a fresh biscotti, cookie and cupcake boutique in the North Anthony Center Plaza in July 2010. Locally and regionally, the store quickly became known for its original Italian biscotti and unique cookies made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, along with its delicious gourmet cupcakes.

In March 2012, Vanilla Bean co-founders Debbie Smith and Sandra Wharton, both graduates of IPFW, participated on Food Network's Cupcake Wars competition. Although they did not win, Cupcake Wars provided Vanilla Bean with national recognition that continues to put the Fort Wayne gourmet bakery on the map. National exposure has been reinforced through Vanilla Bean's membership in the Specialty Food Association, along with its participation in the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City and its contribution of gourmet cookies to this year's Official Daytime Emmy Gift Bags. And while most of its baked goods are purchased by local consumers, Vanilla Bean also ships its biscotti and cookies across the globe through e-mail orders generated through its website, www.vanillabeanchefs.com.

Read the entire interview to learn about how the two IPFW graduates met and launched their careers in specialty foods, and how their business philosophies have elevated Vanilla Bean to its current level of success.

About IPFW Corporate Advantage
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In need of training to elevate your company to the next level of excellence or teach your employees specific skills needed for future growth expectations?  IPFW’s Corporate Training specializes in providing your company with a competitive advantage through training specifically tailored to your needs.  Unlike other “cookie-cutter” or “one-for-all” training programs that attempt to fit your needs into their existing courses, we conduct a thorough needs analysis and custom-design a program specifically for you.  We provide training at your site or ours, carefully choose the right instructor from our vast network of community experts, and customize the training manual and hands-on instruction for your unique needs.  What’s more, we can schedule the training on your timeline, when it’s least likely to impact operational and production goals.

Learn more about IPFW’s Corporate Training Center and the many training opportunities, or contact Gary Schott at 260-399-1675 or via e-mail at schottg@ipfw.edu. 

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