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Issue: 13 Summer 2013


Corporate trainers such as we are in the IPFW Corporate Training Department work with employees in a variety of environments, whether we are providing on-site or off-site training. We have learned that work environments involve more than the four walls of a classroom, an office or a factory. They also include the culture in which an organization operates, such the mood of the workforce and the managerial attitude, among other factors.

In this issue of the IPFW Corporate Advantage, we have two exceptional articles that discuss topics related to work environment. "How to Create a Healthier Corporate Culture" by leadership consultant E. Jake Gamble and "How Complex is Work Motivation? It's as Simple as A to Z!" by Max U. Montesino, Ed.D., both provide tips for creating environments that promote unity, effectiveness, trust, and an engaged workforce. When you read these articles, you may be surprised to learn what really motivates your employees!

Speaking of employee motivation, that is one of the topics of IPFW's annual Applied Leadership Series. Due to the resounding success of the 2012 and 2013 series, we have already scheduled our 2014 event. Please keep open the dates of March 19-21, 2014, and plan to participate or send some of your staff to the 2014 Applied Leadership Series, which will once again offer a unique opportunity to become inspired by some of Northeast Indiana's most influential and talented leaders.

There are many talented leaders among IPFW alumni, and this issue of the Corporate Advantage provides insight on Jill M. Perillo, CEcD, a 1992 graduate in public affairs. Read about Jill's role in area economic development since she started working in the energy industry nearly 20 years ago and why the changes she has witnessed motivate her to succeed.

As always, we hope you find all the information included in this newsletter to be helpful as you explore new ways to use Corporate Training to your advantage. We welcome suggestions for future subject matter; please
click here to submit them for consideration.

--Gary Schott, Director of Entrepreneurship & Corporate Training, IPFW Division of Continuing Studies - 260-399-1675 or schottg@ipfw.edu

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How Complex is Work Motivation?

How to Create a Healthier Corporate Culture

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How Complex is Work Motivation? It's as Simple as A to Z!
By Max U. Montesino, Ed.D., Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director,
IPFW Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision

A challenge frequently cited by organizational leaders is "how do I motivate my employees to perform?" But this question is misplaced. Since motivation is an internal, individual, voluntary drive, you cannot "motivate others." What you can do is contribute to creating the environment within which it occurs. This makes it really complex! Although "human motivation" has been one of the work dynamics most studied, and despite the fact that there exists a huge body of research out there on how it impacts performance, the phenomenon is badly understood by those who need to understand it the most: front-line supervisors, middle and upper managers, "leaders" in general.

In this article, Max U. Montesino, Ed.D., IPFW Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision, presents a list of recommendations based on research-derived knowledge about human behavior at work. He offers organizational leaders what he calls "A to Z" suggestions to help them create a climate for motivation.    

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How to Create a Healthier Corporate Culture
E. Jake Gamble, President & Founder, Leadership Support Services, LLC, and Instructor for the IPFW Customer Service Professional Certificate

Leadership consultant Jake Gamble says that "in an ideal world, your organization would run smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. The vision would be clear, the values would resonate, and your people would embrace their interdependence." Unfortunately, as he points out, that often isn't the case, due to the numerous challenges faced by today's business leaders as they try to please their customers, motivate their workers and satisfy their stakeholders. So, how does an ineffective organization turn things around and make things run smoothly? How can changes be enacted so that they will be embraced and produce far-reaching, positive results? In this article, Gamble—who is the instructor for the IPFW Customer Service Professional Certificate program—lays out general principles to follow in establishing a corporate culture that promotes unity, effectiveness and trust—in other words, a healthy culture that "doesn't compromise, won't wither, and never quits". 

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IPFW Alumni Insights
This series features alumni of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) as they share their insight on a variety of topics related to business and organizational growth. We thank IPFW Alumni Relations for helping us identify community leaders for this column.

Internet Interview with Jill M. Perillo, CEcD NIPSCO Manager of Public Affairs
By Mary Popovich for Corporate Advantage

Jill Perillo was born and raised in Fort Wayne and is a graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). After earning her bachelor's degree in public affairs in 1992, Jill began working for the Allen County Department of Planning Services. In 1994, she started her 18-year career with Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), where she worked primarily in community relations and economic development. While at I&M, Jill obtained her status as a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD). Building on her experience in community relations and communications, Jill joined NIPSCO in 2012 as manager of public affairs for the company's Northeast Indiana service territory. Her current responsibilities revolve around strengthening NIPSCO's communications efforts and serving as the company's community liaison. Over her 21-year professional career, Jill has served on many boards in the region, all the while raising two sons and being a "soccer mom."  

Read the entire interview

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