Celebrate 50 Years
Distance Education Coordinating Committee

DECCO Initiative

DECCO envisions the use of online education to support the core mission of IPFW as stated in the strategic plan:

To provide quality post-secondary education in northeast Indiana by focusing on student learning, while fostering intellectual exploration and attainment.

DECCO believes online education improves student access and success. Selected courses and programs can be made accessible via online education to appropriately prepared students whose educational needs are better met by unconventional programming. Course design ensures that online education  courses achieve learning goals equivalent to or higher than those of traditional courses by employing a mix of media appropriate to the content, by applying teaching approaches known to be effective for online education learners, and by ensuring that appropriate support services are in place.

Online education will help IPFW become a more integral part of Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana by meeting educational needs of student groups not now being served. Programs also can be developed in partnership with businesses, service agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

DECCO provides an administrative vehicle to facilitate the development and implementation of an effective online education program at IPFW in keeping with this vision.