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Distance Education Coordinating Committee

Online Course Development

Distance Learning Course Development Grant Guidelines

The Division of Continuing Studies invites proposals for the development of new online courses or the enhancement of existing online courses.

The development of a new online course or the conversion of a face-to-face course to online delivery requires a transformation, or re-conceptualization, of the course design. The purpose of the Distance Learning Course Development grant is to compensate faculty for the additional time and effort usually involved in course development for online delivery and to provide funding for additional staff, materials, and training that may be required.

Any full-time, part-time, tenured or non-tenured faculty members are eligible to apply for course development funds.

You may apply for one of two grant types:
1. Development/Transformation of a course to be offered online for the first time
2. Significant enhancements to an online course that has been taught at least four times.  The enhancement should be toward improving methodology, not due to a textbook change/revision, or updating content.

1. Review grant guidelines and quality standards which can be used to guide the design of your course.
2. All applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with CELT (Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning) to determine if other resources or assistance are needed/available outside of your expertise.  For example, CELT can serve as a project manager, help create a timeline, and provide ideas on what technologies are available to you.
3. Complete the application.
4. Submit an approved (Chair and Dean signatures) application. 
5. All applicants will be notified of the funding decision by e-mail.

> If teaching the new course in the fall, you should apply the previous fall semester by the last day of September.
> If teaching the new course in the spring, you should apply the previous spring semester by the last day of January.

For example, if you would like to develop a course to begin teaching in Fall 2014, you should apply no later than September 30, 2013.  NOTE:  DECCO will not fund grants for courses offered ONLY during the Summer.  Further, only one application per person will be considered during each period.

The review process will be competitive as a limited amount of money will be used to fund grants.  Applications will be reviewed after the deadline and winners will be notified by e-mail soon afterwards. 

Guidelines/Application and Course Design Quality Standards

Additional information regarding supported expenses, deadlines, selection criteria, and expectations are included as part of the application.



IPFW Online Course Design Standards and Peer Review Process