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DECCO Faculty Award

DECCO Award for Excellence in Online Teaching

Michelle Drouin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, presents

PSY 36900, Development Across the Lifespan:

Michelle Drouin is a recently promoted Associate Professor of Psychology. After receiving her PhD from Oxford in 2004, she began teaching at IPFW as a Limited Term Lecturer in 2005 and then spent a year in a visiting position (sponsored partially through DCS) before securing her tenure track position in Psychology. Because of her connection with DCS, she began teaching online in her second semester here and was instantly captivated by the challenges and rewards of online teaching. Dr. Drouin has married her disciplinary research in technology with her passion for teaching and has published a number of pedagogical pieces and book chapters in the area-- [phrase coined for this biography]-- of "teachnology."


Ken Johnson, D.M.A., Continuing Lecturer for the Department of Music, presents

MUS Z101, Music for the Listener:

Ken Johnson has been a member of the IPFW faculty since 2001. He is presently a Continuing Lecturer in Music, teaching Music Theory, Analysis of Musical Form, and Composition Studies. He is a composer as well, having published original works for various media with Arizona University Recordings, Centaur Publications, and others. His musical work Chamber Concerto for Guitars, Winds, and Percussion can be heard at the IPFW Music Department website, its premiere in 2010 by the IPFW Guitar Studio under the direction of Laura Lydy, and members of the IPFW Symphonic Band. Dr. Johnson is also one of the founding members of the IPFW Faculty Jazz Ensemble, a musical collective devoted to the composition of contemporary jazz.

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