College of Visual and Performing Arts

The Department of Visual Communication and Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Department of Visual Communication and Design

John Motz, B.F.A.
Interim Director

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 E. Coliseum Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

Office: Visual Arts Building
Room: VA213
Hours: Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm

Phone: 260-481-6709
Fax: 260-481-6707


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Donors play an important and essential role in helping VPA provide an exceptional educational opportunity for arts majors and general university students taking arts courses. One may not realize that IPFW is a state-assisted, not state-supported, institution. The IPFW budget comes from the following sources:

  • 41%-State appropriations
  • 57%-Student fees
  • 2%-Other sources (sponsorships, donations, grants)

Dollars contributed to VPA make a crucial difference and are directed to provide special opportunities for students, such as:

  • Transportation and lodging for the Department of Music's University Singers and Symphonic Winds to perform at the 2006 Indiana Music Educators (IMEA) Conference in Indianapolis. The groups were honored through their selection by blind audition to perform for Indiana 's music teachers.
  • Supplements for theatre students to travel to New York City to attend theatrical performances and meet professional actors.
  • Funding for the new IPFW Music Building - more than $6 million was provided through private gifts.
  • Scholarships for arts majors, VPA's greatest need, in order to recognize student achievement, attract talented students and help students focus on developing their artistic abilities rather than devoting so much time to working at un-related jobs.

To contribute to the education of IPFW arts majors, please contact the office of the dean at 260-481-6977. Your assistance is appreciated!

A special scholarship program has been developed to encourage scholarship contributions. The guidelines follow:

VPA Sterling Scholarship Society

Ongoing scholarships for talented arts students are the greatest need of the IPFW College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Through the School’s scholarships distribution process, departmental scholarship committees assign scholarship monies with a multi-year commitment to students contingent upon their continuing academic and artistic achievement. As VPA student enrollments grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify sufficient funding to continue these awards each year.

To enhance our ability to provide ongoing, annual scholarships to deserving students, we have initiated a new scholarship program. The VPA Sterling Scholarship Society comprises contributors who fund student scholarships within the VPA department of their designation through a multi-year commitment of $300-$1,000, with a pledge to continue three or more years or to establish an endowed scholarship in the amount of $25,000 or more.

Contributor Benefits:

1. You can follow your scholarship recipients throughout their college career.
2. You can interact with your students at an informal luncheon each year.
3. You will be recognized at the annual Student Honors Banquet and seated with your scholarship recipients.
4. You will be recognized at the annual VPA Contributors= Celebration.
5. You will receive invitations to participate in other special VPA receptions and events throughout the year.
6. You can attend graduation and the IPFW graduation party with your students!

To join the VPA Sterling Scholarship Society, please call the VPA dean’s office at 260-481-6977. Thank you for helping VPA arts students achieve their artistic potential and career goals.

Indiana State Tax Credit

Indiana taxpayers may take a tax credit of half their gift to IPFW. This credit is available even if the taxpayer does not itemize deductions on the federal return. The tax credit directly reduces the “bottom line” of the state income tax return, either decreasing the amount owed or increasing the refund.

For a joint return, the maximum credit is $200 (based on a gift of $400 or more); for a single return, the maximum credit is $100 (for a gift of $200 or more). Other rules apply, so read the CC-40 instructions carefully or consult your tax advisor.

The CC-40 tax form is available at locations that stock other Indiana tax forms. Also, you may download the form from the Indiana Department of Revenue or call IPFW at 260-481-6962 to request that a CC-40 form be mailed to you.