College of Visual and Performing Arts

Music Ear Training and Theory Placement Exams

All students must take the Music Ear Training (Aural Perception) and Music Theory placement tests, administered through Blackboard Learning, the online academic suite at IPFW.   These tests are administered in two ways:

  • at the time of your audition on the IPFW campus, which is the preferred way, or…
  • in the event that taking the test is not possible at the time of your audition, you can test by appointment at the IPFW Testing Center located in Kettler Hall, Room 232. Hours are: Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Note: The times  are EST and are subject to change.  Contact the Music Office at 260-481-6714 and you will be directed to the Testing Center to arrange an appointment.

The scores help to determine your proficiency in these skill areas and eventual placement in the ear training and theory classes.   You are expected to show aural and written abilities on both treble and bass staves, and to identify specific intervals, scales, chord types, and melodic and rhythmic patterns.  

Preparation for these exams

Students can prepare for these exams in four possible ways:

  1. Work with a fundamental music theory text such as Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory or Harder/ Steinke’s Basic Materials in Music Theory: A Programmed Course, available through online ordering
  2. Online theory and ear training sites such as or
  3. Music theory software such as Practica Musica or Musition available through many retail and media outlets.
  4. Once you have been accepted as an IPFW student, the Admissions Department will send instructions on setting up your own email account.  Let the Music Department know your username by calling the office at 260-481-6714 so you can be enrolled as a Pre-Music student.  You will then have access to Blackboard, the academic suite at IPFW. At that site, you will find the practice test which will show testing procedures you will encounter when you come for your audition.  To login with username and password,  click below to be directed to the Blackboard website.  After login, you will see Music Theory Placement Exam at the course listing. Click to open and you will see the Music Theory Placement (practice).  When you do this make sure to read all instructions as these will be identical to the testing procedures when taking the actual exam.  You will be able to see your practice scores and can take this practice exam multiple times.

Click here to access the practice exam.  You must have a username and password to access.