College of Visual and Performing Arts

Students who wish to major in music must gain acceptance into the university through the Office of Admissions.

In addition to admission to IPFW, students must be accepted by the Department of Music. Admission to the department requires an audition, a music theory placement exam and an interview. Those who do not perform a satisfactory audition are not necessarily precluded from enrolling, but may be required to enter under conditional status (pre-music) for a maximum of two semesters or 36 hours. At the conclusion of this period one may re-audition for full acceptance.

Those considering college study in music should begin preparing as early as possible. Preparation should include dedicated study in an instrument or voice, study in music theory and keyboard study. Participation in ensembles and music classes, concert attendance, and investigation of a variety of musical styles are all highly recommended activities for one contemplating the pursuit of music as a career.